Protecting Yourself from Black Magic

Would it surprise you to know that you’ve been living every day of your life fooled by black magic?

At present, far from done, the dark forces are amplifying ways to manipulate humanity. They have their deceptions, their tried-and-true strategies, that they’ve been using secretly and subliminally for thousands of years. Now, it’s like watching the insanity of their desperate magical thinking run amok. They’re reaching new levels of absurdism to dehumanize, demoralize, destabilize, and make the depravity acceptable. In order to do this, they’ve also had to tip their hand and become far more blatant. That’s valuable to us.

This is a serious business because the evil mind is not like your mind. I can probably very safely say that to everyone reading this article. The kind of mind that deliberately, and deceptively, inflicts harm on another, on a human life or any life, is indeed something that most humans find abhorrent and shocking. It’s almost incomprehensible. Yet, understanding it is important: if you know how a malevolent mind operates, how they wield black magic, and how they catch humanity with it, then you know your enemy and you’re better prepared to defend yourself.

Black magic has been normalized in Earth reality. Black magic isn’t a witch standing over a cauldron and casting spells. That too is possible. Though the black magic that humans most experience is the negative alien agenda’s (NAA) manipulation of consciousness without a human’s consent. Plain and simple, it’s called black magic when one being superimposes its will on another’s will. The power abuse can be obvious and premeditated in the extreme. It can also be subtle, and by this definition, it’s very clear that people sometimes sit on the brink of exerting black magic when the ego’s need for control is pushed onto another.

What matters is what’s in the heart and in the intention. An evil mind, a predator that likes to operate from service-to-self and disregard for another, easily steps “over the line”, without concern, knowing full well what is being done. It’s valuable to understand that even though they know this, to them, it is the only way, and it’s not weighted with consequences, or empathy, or thoughtfulness at all. Their motivation is what can be gained in return. To many of the intruder alien races and the myrmidons and functionaries in their hierarchies, it’s power and money. They have sold their souls for it.

For other humans, consciousness manipulation has been imposed, in the present or long ago, and influenced a distorted, untrustworthy, and imbalanced way of relating to others. Especially, some of those who are caught in the consciousness traps and operate from this mindset, have innocently inherited these energies through their bloodlines, or been tricked and blackmailed as an adult. This doesn’t excuse choices and behaviours that oppose Unity consciousness, but we can acknowledge that the human consciousness has been deeply exploited to act just like the Satanists and Luciferians.

For the majority of humanity there is a lack of knowledge that this suppression of human consciousness development has taken place. If somebody is made aware that there has been such a vast, complex, methodical, and intentional orchestration of this dark control, their mind will want to deny it. This can be due to an alien implant in the form of a mindslide that won’t allow the cognition of this unapproved truth, cognitive dissonance, or self-preservation from the trauma.

Thankfully, the Divine Plan is unfolding. By infusing us with plasma light and accelerating our return to the blessed balance of Cosmic Christos-Sophia Consciousness, while rebuilding and regaining control over our planetary gates, the shadow is more evident than ever. Therefore, more people are acknowledging the cabal’s dark spell over humanity, though still largely unaware of the extent to which the negative aliens have been behind it all:

  • the war on humanity was declared millions of years ago during the Lyran War and has continued to this day
  • massacres, genocides and holocausts have been perpetrated against countless peoples throughout our history
  • eugenics and genetic experimentation intensified at WWII
  • alien technology has long been used to abuse humans
  • mind control and social engineering has been imbedded in our reality beyond what anyone is willing to imagine
  • truthful information has always been censored somewhere, disinformation disseminated, and history rewritten by the war victors
  • the sacred knowledge of our star origins, and our human genetic library housed in the Emerald Founder Records was stolen 22,000 years ago and distorted
  • many politicians have always been liars and deceivers, and not leaders at all
  • pestilence programs and deliberate disease creations have purposely fueled dependency on a corrupt medical system
  • no vaccines have ever been safe
  • addiction has been intentionally perpetuated by mind control programs, big pharma, and negative entity manipulation
  • the aliens have created warfare with the weather and have been terraforming the planet with chemtrail toxins since at least the 1990’s if not 1960’s
  • the NAA has been poisoning the soil, genetically modifying the food supply, and manipulating humans into eating unnatural synthetics
  • economic terrorism and debt enslavement has long turned humans into slaves just trying to survive
  • socialism and communism are attractive governing models for tyrants and dictators that want centralized control
  • the current advancing centralized control for a New World Order (NWO) is the hidden agenda of the Black Suns and Satanists
  • the power elite have run secret societies, shadow governments and secret militaries in co-operation with alien races
  • religious violence and extremism were created out of victim-victimizer mind control programs
  • criminal enterprises have been secretly running societal structures
  • the alien controllers have been trying to split and erase the sacred union of the gender principles of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine since their invasion
  • the feminine principle has been vilified with unspeakable acts of hatred, and every attempt has been made to control the feminine, and reproduction, through AI, parasitic lunar forces to prevent solar embodiment
  • our body parts have been hybridized, misplaced, distorted, and stolen, but now becoming apparent through the transgender agenda
  • humans have always been subject to electro-magnetic warfare and atomic distortions
  • the carbon matter of Earth, and so our bodies, has been extensively controlled with various artificial, bi-wave distortions that run low frequencies through the planetary grids to collect energy for the controllers
  • humans have been always manipulated through the sexual misery program, and the targeting and sexualization of children have been advancing through generations of child abuse
  • very often, children have not been seen and heard, or worse, they’ve been sexually traumatized, abused, tortured and sacrificed
  • hundreds of thousands of adults and children have been disappearing each year for trafficking and enslavement, on and off planet
  • Christos family members, dissenters, truthtellers and healers have always been attacked, tortured and killed
  • transhumanism has always appealed to soulless controllers who want obedient, robotic workers
  • cloning has gone on in every dimension in our Universe and many people have many clones
  • the mind has largely been glorified over the heart
  • the lower ego mind has always vehemently defended itself, and now it’s just showing up in the woke
  • we have been living in a death culture all along

All this, and every other upside-down, reversed, slow kill, anti-love, anti-life initiative that attempts to destroy the planetary soul and the human soul, can be considered black magic! It’s not the true nature of reality!

All humans have been repeatedly subjected to illusions and spells, and many participate with them daily without realizing it. The ego, which is inorganic to the Angelic Human, resonates into the same lower dimensional frequencies that are conjured, with focus, in black magic rituals. For many, ego manipulation shows itself as misplaced perceptions, defensiveness, giving away power, or instinctual reactions like fear, addiction, lust, anger/rage, greed, jealousy, gluttony, laziness/discouragement or pride/self-importance. The vibrations of the pain body are the houses of ego, that through accumulation of painful repeated thoughts and behaviours, invite parasitic, lower-dimensional spirits to take advantage and siphon energy from the lightbody, potentially leading to partial or full possession. This is why the healing of ego wounds is so vital for spiritual awakening.

Everyone, but particularly those who are more self-aware, and Starseeds actively living in service to others, is subjected to black magic through etheric weapons, psychic attacks, holographic projections, targeting, curses, neural remote viewing and tracking, mind control, alien implants, abductions, AI, digital twins and cloning, and more.

So, to be clear, what distinguishes the black magic of the black magician from the ego-challenged human?

  • the black magician always wants control and power over another
  • black magicians have an intent to harm, and feed off your pain
  • service-to-self is the primary mindset while exploiting others
  • black magic is deliberately asserted on another being without their consent or conscious awareness and against their will
  • a black magician will invert, reverse, and distort organic energy to an anti-life frequency and destructive energy
  • black magicians will seduce, tempt, enchant, scheme, deceive, lie, betray, cheat, steal, and stir your fear
  • black magicians will misrepresent themselves, act duplicitously, or act as an imposter
  • parasitism and consumptive modelling are the black magic systems by which a few control and steal from the many
  • black magicians summon and house demonic, Satanic and negative entities in exchange for receiving power, material wealth, or some personal gain
  • Satanic sexual ritual abuse, rape, forced sodomy, and blood sacrifice are used religiously and ritually to conjure demons and bind souls into servitude
  • any sexual act without mutual consent is black magic, and therefore, any sexual act with a child is black magic
  • when Satanic or Luciferian forces are called upon in any way and/or embodied, this is black magic

How do you know if there is black magic impacting you personally? Generally speaking, it’s simple – if it doesn’t feel natural, life-affirming, and expanding to you, some level of manipulation is usually at play:

  • black magic can be directed at you to harm you in some way, create enemy patterning, make you ill, or take your power
  • it can be repetitive and manifest as a specific pattern of triggering
  • black magic can come through curses, hexes and spells that you’re carrying through your ancestral lineage, and creating karmic imbalances for you
  • and, it can appear ‘out of the blue’ to stir chaos, change your thoughts, make you act in unusual ways, confuse and destabilize you, and scatter your energy, and yes, like magic, distract you so that you can’t see who has the upper hand or so that you’re caught unaware

The key is discerning the difference between what feels organic and what does not, because the deception of black magicians is that what you’re told, shown or sold is not actually that. It takes willingness to be diligent. But don’t lose heart. Especially reclaim, cherish, and live from your Krystal Diamond Heart, because the moment you forget just how powerful you are, that’s the time black magicians can take advantage. The deceivers and imposters are counting on it.

Know your vulnerabilities and spot the game being played. Self-mastery requires staying in awareness of your thoughts, emotions and behaviours. When you feel or sense negative interference, a dark attack, or a trigger into a painful pattern, do your best to extract yourself from the manipulation. Do not engage in a power struggle, but you do have a right to defend:

  • amplify your inner light from your sacred heart
  • align to your observer consciousness or higher self
  • declare “My intent, consent and authority are with God only.”
  • call it out – “I’m sensing some manipulation of my consciousness and I do not consent.”
  • then, intend, state, and repeat “clear black magic, clear black magic, clear black magic, clear curses, hexes, spells and black rites”
  • be mindful that deeper clearing may be required

Your capacity to readily clear back magic is directly proportional to your embodied authentic power. So keep healing and clear yourself of ego to fortify your spiritual house. Use your 12D Shield daily to ground, and set your energetic boundary to be able to readily test harmful frequencies coming your way. Develop your ability to hold steady.

The counter measure to all black magic, of course, is the love of God. Remember, this is who you are. Despite the magnitude of all that humanity has suffered, we are here together and rising now. Genuine disclosure of the negative alien control will completely break the spell. As we ascend into an organic Earth, with the Krystal Guardians hosting our liberation, it becomes easier to spot the deceptions, and black magic frequencies will not be sustainable. Our unified Divine Presence, however, will! Thank God for that!


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2023 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban