The Current Ascension Landscape – September 2016 and forward.

Pillars of Light

Pillars of Light

This is a very brief and greatly simplified description of some of the significant ascension changes currently taking place for us. However, it is done so with the intention of providing some context of understanding, and therefore, greater inner peace.

As the Sun travels its ecliptic path through the star constellations, our consciousness is exposed to the natural harmonics of the zodiac, and each of these provide an opportunity for our psycho-spiritual growth and alchemy.  Every year in August as we align with Leo, we experience a peak of magnetic forces and this brings a variety of ascension symptoms. (In May of each year, as we align with Taurus, we experience the electrical peak.) For those who are used to moving through initiation, accretion and activation stages, you know what to do. But it’s also important to note that some people will begin experiencing these symptoms for the first time.

Some symptoms include: weakness in the aura and/or physically very tired and weak, headaches and intense cranial pressure, especially at the back of the skull (chakra 9), a nervous system that is very taxed and sensitive, amplification of the busy ego mind, heart openings that include a flood of emotion, or sleep disturbances.

Even if you don’t understand it all, and the mind won’t intellectually, support yourself through the ascension changes by listening to your higher guidance and to your body. Allow yourself the self-care you need to re-orient, and remember this is a continual process though more intense in some phases than others.  If you need support, please contact me.

The dark forces know these patterns too and attempt to take advantage of this influx of energy every year, as well as play upon the trauma of 9/11 that they created, attempting to amplify the armageddon mind control programs. According to a fairly reputable source, we averted World War III in early September. This has been the case before in our history. The difference now is that the planetary consciousness is holding a much higher frequency, we have the ability to override timeline patterns, and the dark forces know they are losing in their war-game.  The destabilization of Europe, primarily Germany, and Britain, is what they are currently intending to put into effect from their long-standing agenda, and we still have the US election in the near future, so please continue to raise your consciousness and hold positive intention for world peace in whatever way feels right for you. You can find a peace prayer by following this link to “Free Tools”: Peace Prayer – Overriding the 911 Armageddon Program, to end conflict, suffering, enslavement and tyranny.

peace on earth
As Earth has evolved into the next harmonic universe (chakras 4-6, soul body), we are collectively experiencing a reconfiguring of the chakra system.  The membranes that separate the chakra cones of the lower dimensional bodes that have created our experience of 3rd dimensional reality (chakras 1-3, ego personality), are dissolving. This is bringing about a re-organization of elemental matter, simultaneously for the planetary body and within the human body. Each person’s experience will vary: some will not have the capacity to embody this process while others have already moved through it and are serving as prototypers for humanity’s evolution. While this is allowing greater heart opening, rebuilding new energetic structures and more supportive architecture for our consciousness and physical matter body, the organic transition to higher consciousness can bring about a sense of being lost, uncertainty, disorientation, chaos and disruption. This is not unlike the feelings that can stir within any time we undergo a process of change, though this is happening at the most fundamental level and is therefore, perhaps, much less in our conscious awareness. These blog posts may be helpful: Thetahealing to Help You Transition Through the Ages and Adapting and Accepting Change. As always, honour your body and what it needs. Be still. Surrender to the flow of your experience and use compassionate, neutral witness to stay centered and calm.

So we have a theme of restoration occurring, and we may indeed have to go through some challenging periods as a human race as we access more aspects of consciousness. I took a week off from supporting clients at the end of August, intending to rest, but with rest-oration comes dismantling, so the entire week was intense processing and clearing, and that has been the case since. This restoration is happening for everyone at this time, in different ways, relative to our consciousness and the path of our agreement to be of service at this time. Be mindful that if old patterns are surfacing again or things take an expected turn, or it feels that you can’t take any more, it all has a higher purpose. These experiences are bringing us into a stronger foundation. These blog posts may be useful: How Do I Trust When My Reality Turns Upside Down?, and Meditation for Managing Crisis (suitable for any time you want peace).

These lower dimensions of the ego personality that are now adjusting have been used by negative alien forces for their sustenance: as an example, when someone operates from fear (chakra 1) or addiction (chakra 2) these denser frequencies become a source of food. With the shifting out of that reality, the alien forces are doing whatever they can to maintain the lower frequencies through various artificial means. Further, as we move to the next harmonic Universe, we no longer have separation from the astral plane/body, which is highly corrupted.

All these adjustments will continue to occur and culminate at the end of 2017 when we merge with the timelines of the second harmonic universe. Therefore, addressing our fears, emotional issues and the controlling forces of ego is becoming increasingly inevitable. This is why those on a conscious ascension path are feeling that ‘no stone is being left unturned’ and still more, old limiting pain is calling to be excavated and healed, and various influences cleared. It’s also important to stay awake and aware to psychic aggression, and to maintain our regular practices of clearing our Lightbodies and personal spaces from negative and harmful energies entities, mind control, and black magic. If you are not yet using the 12D Shielding Technique as a daily tool of protection and rebuilding your Lightbody, this is highly recommended.

I AM God, I AM Sovereign, I AM Free.

I AM God, I AM Sovereign, I AM Free.

I AM God, I AM Sovereign, I AM Free.


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