Core Pattern Release to Help You Transition through the Ages

changes ahead signAt the end of October we will be arriving at the close of the 9th and final creation cycle of the much-studied Mayan calendar; a momentous time in the evolution of our consciousness (see How we will experience this marked shift on Earth is truly unknown, despite all the speculation. Yet, one thing is certain; humanity has always moved through change, and we can expect more. The only question is how you will personally move through it. Here’s a perspective to help you through all your changes during these profound times.

There are three stages to transition; awareness, acceptance and action. In the first stage we become aware that something has changed; this may have occurred through an unexpected trigger event and we may feel caught off guard, or we may have consciously chosen to make a change, but even then we may not have anticipated all that is arising in the newness. We can feel overwhelmed, shocked, or simply uncertain. Therefore, it’s important at this time to put things into perspective and assess what has changed and what has not. Our tendency is to often focus on what has been lost, particularly in the external. However, we can maintain internal peace by remembering that some of our values, our personal qualities and our simple blessings often remain in intact. Further, if we see the higher purpose and what we are gaining by the experience, we more easily move into the second stage of change.

Acceptance is the act of taking responsibility for ourselves and claiming our power to co-create through Divine resonance. No matter how much we want to place focus or blame outside of ourselves, or play powerless, we are responsible for our beliefs, emotions and actions, and how we respond to a change. When we are confronted with an unknown circumstance, or experience ourselves in a way we never have before, we can sit in resistance (some is natural) or we can listen to our own inner wisdom to unearth what we internally hold that is creating our reaction. If we wish to shift our vibration, we can clarify what we want and set about clearing out the old programming to choose new paradigms that are more supportive of our expansion. This is how core pattern release, energy psychotherapy or any number of healing modalities can be helpful.

Depending on how deeply affected we are by a trigger event, moving through to stage three can take time, but eventually we realize that we have to take action to anchor a new sense of stability. We can use all our learning and evidence of our past courageousness to strengthen our confidence, consciously choose what we are going to say and do differently to align with our new Self, and find support with those beings who advance our self-empowerment.

As we move through the great Shift of the Ages, we will experience these stages of transition many times over, in profound, subtle and small ways. It’s inevitable that the old structures built upon separation consciousness will continue to crumble, and we will each experience the necessary upheaval and clearing to push through to our elevated personal and collective consciousness. Your conscious contribution in this process matters. Your inner work is still required before and after October 28th, to release your fears, temper the chaos, and open to higher vibrational states. You can be swept up in the negativity and crisis-thinking, or listen to your inner wisdom to guide you, and surrender with acceptance to the death of the old self and birth of the new. Remember that you are Divinely supported, as always. Your power and freedom is always within you no matter what is outside of you. And you are One with everyone and All That Is; act for the highest good of all concerned. Let love lead you. Be the peace.

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