Adapting and Accepting Change

sign - road work aheadLast month I wrote about the three stages of transition (awareness, acceptance and action) to help you during these times of immense change on Earth. Currently the ego’s perception of reality is being dismantled, and corruption, mental dis-ease, dysfunction, enslavement, deception, and false dependency are becoming increasingly transparent. All areas of our lives are being affected: jobs, relationships, health, finances, material possessions and social status. This instability in our outer environment is serving to awaken us to a deeper relationship with the safety and security in our inner core Spirit. There’s no turning back, and being adaptable and accepting of what is in your personal experience of this transition is paramount to maintaining peace amidst the chaos. It is possible. So let’s take a closer look at the second stage of transition.

Adapting first requires that you be willing to honestly look at your changed reality and name the truth, even if it’s unsettling. Any defensiveness, fear, denial or self-deception will only create energetic backlash, and perpetuate your personal shadow and limiting paradigms, as well as the larger mind control agenda of the dark forces. Once you look past the illusion, you can then accurately discern how you fit into the new perception. Quite often some adjustment is required on your part, and this is the hallmark of stage 2 in any change – redefining yourself within a new reality. On Earth right now, the new context is Higher Truth.

You can experience the process of adaptation somewhat unconsciously. If a change is superficial or shallow you can adapt without much resistance. Even if the change is a little more profound, your self-examination may take place at a subtle level as a new awareness slowly percolates through your old self-perception. You may have a vague sense that you can no longer be who you were and a different self wants to emerge. Sometimes you feel the increasing discomfort when you operate from the old paradigm. But actually moving forward depends on whether this compelling wave of energy can break through the threshold to create a new form that is accepted into your life, or whether it will meet with unacknowledged barriers and create disharmony. Some of the blocks can be stubborn life patterns, bloodline distortions, or rigid self-definitions. As an example of the latter, one client remained attached to the ego-driven life she planned for herself; to her, allowing space for her spirit and a different unfolding meant that she had failed to meet her own expectations, and in retrospect, had been wrong about the life she had lived.

Alternatively, you can more actively participate in your ego management and exercise your adaptive skills of emotional and mental flexibility. Then you can take full responsibility for yourself and come to accept your life circumstances regardless of what you are experiencing. If you allow it, your ego will thrive on dissatisfaction and frustration during this progressive upheaval on our planet. So practicing witness consciousness is critical now to stop feeding your ego. Being your own observer also helps you to distinguish whether you are truly patiently, organically birthing a new creative expression of yourself, or if you are stuck in perceived limitations. Going within to check what you’re holding in your field is essential. You can ask yourself, “What am I afraid to face in myself, or about the planet?”, “What, if any, beliefs am I holding that are standing in my way?”, or “What unneeded pain am I still identifying with in my emotional body?” Energy psychotherapy and core pattern release can be very powerful to bring these to Light and effectively clear the path to bring you into deeper alignment with your Heart Essence. For the above-mentioned client, releasing her self-judgment and shame was profoundly helpful to loosen her narrow and controlled sense of self and ideas of success. Clearing your past is fundamental to being able to live in the present, and the NOW moment consciousness is where the new stability is found.

What is upon you and all of humanity is a most profound choice to awaken to the truth of yourself as a multi-dimensional, peaceful, intuitive, free, powerful, self-sovereign being of Eternal Living Light, in unity with All That Is. This is your security. You chose to have this experience. Are you taking conscious care to embody this and accept this as your new reality, or will you let fear-based, false programs of the mind controlled reality continue to dictate that you can’t?

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