Prayer for the Heart of My Work

'Hand reicht Herz'

‘Hand reicht Herz’

May I always follow my heart,

feel it beat to the rhythm of my life

and the tempo of my love.

Within it dances the passion of my soul.

May I trust that my steps are always taking me

toward the recognition of this joy,

moving me closer to knowing My Spirit.

May the energy of My Light

release me into trusting in all possibility,

flowing abundance to me while I serve.

Where I continue to stand in shadow

may I still feel God’s radiance and know the darkness is temporary.

May my heart be so open that each morning I embrace the day with commitment and courage,

and keep my sight on my higher purpose of being a gift for others to receive.

I know that the value they place in me

is aligned with all that I value in my own rarity and authenticity.

Purposefully and with Presence,

I declare my grand place in Our Universe.

With ease and grace I celebrate all this in balance,

knowing who I AM in what I do,

surrendering and listening

to the whisper of my heart.

 written by Amâeil