Managing the Current Intensity


The current astrological influences, this week especially and this month, can test our ability to stay centered. The energies have been building to the Saturn-Pluto alignment this coming Sunday but before then we have a powerful Lunar Eclipse on Friday. This will have a high impact on the emotions. Here’s a link describing the astrology this week.

For the empaths, and especially females, it’s also worth noting that in the planetary field there is heightened chaos and very heavy energy surfacing as the dark mother reversals are being purged and cleansed. It became really intense just before the new year and can feel heavy in the sexual and reproductive organs, and sacral chakra. Intense emotional purging can accompany this, and clearing is helpful.

So, you may have felt, may be feeling, or maybe will feel:

Increased or intense anxiety:

Remember that your breath is THE tool at your immediate disposal to return to calm. Keep breathing. Be sure to breathe from your belly and expand your diaphragm in all directions on the inhale. You can also hold your neurovascular points and breathe.

Shift your energy in the healthiest way you know – take a break and make space, go for a walk, dance, watch a touching video, etc.

Feelings of deep sadness: 

Check, is this sadness yours or the collective consciousness? Either way, allow the energy to move through you. Try not to indulge an ego story that can hitch a ride with that wave. Think of it as a cleansing: like your morning shower, at some point, it’s over!

Feeling pressure or feeling pushed:

Stay in the moment. The more you’re able to align with ‘now’ the more flow there is to be guided to carry out purposeful and efficient action.

Feeling overwhelmed:

Journal to declutter the mind of a multitude of priorities competing for space, and release the emotional pain by giving voice to what’s churning inside.

Feeling pushed to your limits:

The shifting energies can be hard on the physical body as traumas surface for release, or the body seeks to detoxify. The bones, blood and skin are being impacted, and if and how that surfaces for you is very individual. Listen to your body. Dialogue with your body. Love your body. Heal your body.

On the spiritual level you may move through the kind of challenges that test your inner strength. However, please know that the thought “I can’t take this anymore” is likely mind control.

Of course, any one of these can create tension and easily trigger you into conflict with others. Walk and talk gently.

Thoughts of suicide:

Please, please remember that these thoughts are NOT yours, especially if they appear suddenly and are uncharacteristic. Observe and do not indulge the mind control. This applies to your children too. Keep a watchful eye on any suicidal, harmful and self-hate language.

To clear any persistent negative thoughts, and anxiety, turn to this meditation. Don’t hesitate, just start playing it.

If your child is talking about suicide, please see this post and reach out for help.

These are suggestions to help you shift immediate feelings. If painful emotions persist, please reach out for deeper healing support.

Here are some other suggestions to manage the spiritual journey grace-fully:

  • Accept that life is full of change. You’re human, so you’ve been through a lot of change in your life. You became familiar with change with your first breath. You changed each day from child to teen to adult. You change each day to meet the new day that is different than yesterday. The change now is another growth spurt. It may feel much more rapid or extreme, but you do have experience with change.
  • Love yourself as reliably as your heartbeat, and keep your heart open.
  • Be as gentle with yourself, and others, as you would be with a newborn.
  • Keep turning to Spirit. You cannot walk the spiritual path without God. The support IS there. Do ask. Remember “not my will, but Divine Will”.
  • Use your 12D Shield and open to healing 12D Light in meditation & prayer.
  • Focus on the positive, and allow good to come to you.
  • Be grateful.
  • Create safety for your inner child.
  • Slow down, pause often to recharge, and be still.
  • Listen to your body and what it needs.
  • Nourish yourself with healthy food & water, rest, play & laughter
  • Be of service to others with compassion.

Invest in your Self, for 2020 and beyond.

  • to help cope with the intensity
  • manage the instability through your transitions
  • clear out unsupportive patterns
  • clear the path to live your highest expression in 2020
♥ ♥ ♥

Want one-to-one support? Book a healing session to manage your ascension symptoms and deepen your self-support.

2020 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban