It’s Never Too Late

Mom's African art Sept 15 - edit (Small)It’s sometimes the smallest of events that make the biggest difference. Every day we take actions that are seemingly mundane or casual, with no expectation that something great will emerge. But that’s precisely when it sometimes does. And that’s when our minds and hearts soar beyond the assumptions of life and who we thought we were.

In truth, we just have no idea what we’re capable of until we try. Many of us tucked away our talents out of embarrassment, self-doubt, and lack of encouragement, and never found them again. This is called the “hidden self” and sometimes this part of us is so secreted that we even forget it exists. Sometimes, there simply wasn’t opportunity to try our hand at something amidst countless other priorities. But, as if often said, it’s never too late!

Especially as we get older, our internal ego programs would have us believe that the likelihood of unearthing new brilliance slowly dwindles to nil.  But this just doesn’t have to be true. With care and attention, our Soul-Spirit is more than eager to unveil its unbounded expression. Our entire healing journey is about reconnecting to the vastness of our magical, intuitive, and creative Essence. It happens uniquely for each of us, and it can be our experience no matter how old we are.

For me, to experience liberation like this first-hand has been wondrous. To support others in this journey for so many years has been an honour. But for me to witness this for my mother as she births into her 86th year has been incredibly inspiring. Like many in her generation, her life was about survival and hard work. But now, with all her responsibilities behind her, and with a gentle nudge of encouragement, for the first time in her life, the simple act of picking up a paintbrush unearthed a genuine artistic celebration of her Spirit.

To liberate an aspect of ourselves that has laid dormant is so joyful. To express ourselves in new ways is allowing the beauty of our God-Self to be remembered. It feels great. We can’t help but be a conduit of Light, and age has nothing to do with it!

I recently had a woman in her mid-50’s contact me, wondering if it was possible for someone of her age to heal and transform her life. She had long since held an awareness that there was “something more” within her, something waiting to be expressed, some way her life needed to change. Coming across my website was the first time she was aware of the possibility that she might just find what she had been seeking. If you are feeling the same inner quest, or simply in need of a gentle reminder, here’s my encouraging reply:

“Can you completely transform your life? Anything is possible and it depends on where you direct your energy, among other variables. However, it can be daunting to expect yourself to scale a huge mountain if you have never even hiked a mile. Perhaps the more immediate question to ask yourself is, ” What in particular do I want to change in the way I experience my life so that I am more free, more peaceful, or more joyous?” Then begin the journey of discovering who you really are. I can also help you discover the first step if it’s not clear: this is where my Higher Guidance can be very precise in advising what would help you the most.

Yes, as you suggest, if everything had remained organic, pure and untouched by pain, there is no doubt that your gifts and heart’s desires would have emerged by now. Unfortunately, in our world, there are  many inorganic structures limiting our nature. Most simply, every human has emotional pain and ego wounding to heal, beginning with childhood pain. Usually, we heal by peeling away the layers and allowing the reconnection with our truth and core Essence gradually. It’s much more gentle that way and it’s what we can handle best.

Each person is uniquely different, and how you experience your expansion of consciousness is entirely your own. Even one ‘ahaa’ moment of awakening or seeing things differently can change quite a bit.  This is the beautiful mystery of the discovery. I don’t know your journey’s purpose and how it’s going to unfold from here, and nor do you, so you never know what’s waiting for you. All that your Spirit is asking you is to take the next step in the direction of the pull you’re feeling. You are infinite possibilities!! There are no accidents that you are awakening to this information now. I suggest to trust the energy of that and follow it.

Your intention and commitment to your self-discovery goes a long way. Begin by taking time to rest with the simplicity of your breath and listen to the wisdom of your own heart. Be diligent and patient, and recognize the value in asking for support, but know that your Spirit will always guide you.  When you allow this graceful direction what is natural for you will begin to emerge.

May you free your Spirit within.”

So for all those who are new to the journey of healing, even if it seems like it’s too late for you, never say “never”.

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