Understanding Transgenderism & How to Support Your Child

masculine and feminine

masculine and feminine

For children, younger or older, to experiment with their appearance, talents, language, or any part of the personality expression is a healthy aspect of coming to know themselves. There is in this a desire to find what resonates with their own heart and soul. If only this were an organic process!

There is no doubt that children are influenced by experiences from the moment they take on a body and this presents the landscape from which to sift and sort what feels right and is authentic and what is not. There are countless defining moments  and their programs, which shape how children come to perceive who they are, much of which can be unhealthy, limiting and distorting to their true nature. We’ve come to accept this as part of the growing process, even though, for those feeling the discomfort of these imprints, it will lead to some necessary healing and deprogramming of the belief systems – hopefully.

Add to that the programs that are currently being pushed onto children now through the transgender agenda and many, without realizing it, are being taken away from their authenticity.

Very young children are being sexualized and taught concepts of sexuality and gender long before it has any meaning to them. But it doesn’t need to be meaningful or conscious for it to take hold. Indoctrination and propaganda messaging is intended to subconsciously mold children to a certain culture and mindset. There’s a great deal of deception in this.

Teenagers are a little different in that they are farther along in their development and can be more self-aware of the interactions in social circles that reflect back what they have and do not have, who they are and who they are not. Feeling included is important to their sense of self-worth. This very thing is not lost on the controllers who know that the past traumas and manipulations that the negative alien forces (NAA) have long superimposed upon humanity, have created the vulnerabilities that subject humans to this seeking for belonging, beyond heathy connection. All souls carry painful memories of being outcast, alienated, shamed, persecuted, abused and crucified, so repeating experiences of this nature is something anybody would prefer to avoid. Bear in mind these fears are all largely playing out in the subconscious mind, as they can relate to the humanity’s fall of consciousness and historical events. And the controllers can manipulate that.

So, what happens then when the fundamental truth of the gender principles of all creation is lost knowledge? It’s not widely understood that every human holds both inner feminine and inner masculine energies and when these are spiritually-energetically balanced it’s optimally healthy. This is the true definition of androgynous! It means that there are two gender principles – male and female – that can present in a female body or male body.

To confuse the masses with multiple identities and labels is just that – mind control. It’s a distraction to pull a person away from their true nature, and this is what the negative aliens have done in countless ways. The core of their deception and manipulation is to split the gender principles apart to prevent inner sacred marriage as God created it. In our reality, it’s now visible how they are turning males into females, and females into males. This is not about diversity and inclusion. This is a reversal of genders, founded on distorted gender principles, in the same way that they inverted the Divine Mother from her natural creative force, and distorted the Divine Masculine into false patriarchal tyrannical domination. Further, the negative alien agenda (NAA) hate the feminine as seen in misogyny, which extends to the sacred creative force of birthing a child. They would prefer that humans stop breeding naturally and babies be grown artificially – it’s happening. Additionally, neutralizing the traditional rigid expressions of male and female may seem like it’s reclaiming organic androgyny, but not when the dark intention behind it is to suppress the truth about gender principles so that control over humanity can continue. Why does the NAA attack gender from all these angles? Because then a human being cannot align into their Spirit as One with God, with integrated and balanced inner feminine and inner masculine, and reclaim his/her Krystal Diamond Heart and organic spiritual-energetic blueprint as an Angelic Human. If a human does, he/she can no longer be controlled: the power of this embodied sacred balance overrides all darkness and deception!

But, of course, this manipulation of the gender principles has created incredible trauma, and twists and turns in the perception of who we are, with false identities, distorted ideas of what it means to be feminine and masculine, and endless coping strategies as a person attempts to override what feels inorganic, unsettling, painful and confusing. So, if you offer a quick solution, an easy fix, a cosmetic correction to the body, or identification with an inclusive group, it’s tempting. The need to alter who you are in that painful state can feel very real to a person. The need to belong can be strong. These can seem to be the ideal answers. Far from it though, they are a temporary band-aids with potentially serious consequences that can lead to permanent self-harm such as genital mutilation, and life-long discomfort. Anybody who has regretted their transition from male to female, or female to male, will tell you that the change in lifestyle or change in body was a false promise. Deeper healing was the key.

Therefore, for any parent who is guiding their child through their development and intending to support them into healthy, well-adjusted individuals who are respected for their choices, teasing out what is genuine and what is not is highly challenging. It’s also true that if you yourself, as a parent, do not understand the big picture and dark agenda at play, in order to at least see how the propaganda is being thrust onto your children, it’s advisable to educate yourself and seek well-informed, trustworthy support from someone who does.

I do not profess to be an expert on transgenderism but I have provided higher guidance in healing sessions to some parents who have found the transgender agenda and gender confusion to present itself in their children. What’s offered below are some suggestions that may resonate as supportive for you, or another parent you know. May it serve you and your child/children well. Some of this guidance is from session work for children 15-17 years of age.

  • Acknowledge that your child is on a soul journey, which often is not conscious.
  • The overall intention is to help your child stay true to himself/herself.
  • Your child’s inner conflict can sound like, “If I’m in a female/male body but I don’t resonate with most females/males and how they behave, then where do I belong?”, and “What do I need to change in myself to belong?”
  • Keep an open mind and heart so that unconditional love remains the guiding principle in your relationship with your child.
  • Consciously work to keep the lines of communication open between you and your spouse/partner so that your child feels you are both on the “same page” as a support, and that your child doesn’t feel caught in the middle of your differences on the subject.
  • Consciously work to keep the lines of communication open between you and with your child/children so that they can turn to you for support when they are confused or doubtful as they experiment and find their way, and so that you remain aware of what’s actually happening in their lives. The Satanic intent to split the genders extends to splitting the family unit and taking governmental control of the children, and this is why there is a push for children to give their uninformed consent to manipulations without parental knowledge.
  • Honestly acknowledge your own fears that may be triggering you so that you don’t impose them on your children.
  • His/her journey may, and likely, require conscious healing of the inner feminine and inner masculine so s/he is free of past limiting programs; a common example would be a subconscious belief that says females are subservient to males, or the example that men can’t show their emotions.
  • Help him/her spot the programs that distort what is feminine and masculine: for example, wearing make-up does not define a female as it has nothing to do with the true feminine principle, which is about receptivity, heart-centeredness and empathy as examples.
  • As always, just because a child’s friends, who provide acceptance, all think or act the same way does not mean it’s based in truth; they can all be subject to the same consciousness trap and distortions; focus on values as guiding principles.
  • It’s not wrong for a child to experiment, and it’s not wrong for a child to want to find out who s/he is; that’s a judgment. Replace it with discernment and curiosity. Clarify what values you want your child to uphold.
  • Minor changes to oneself can move onto a grander scale, which will have greater repercussions. Whatever choices are made to experiment with the expression of the opposite gender it’s vital that the changes remain changeable and can be changed back.
  • Wanting to make more permanent changes to his/her body and way of life are indicators that s/he is headed to self-harm.
  • Your child may truly fear that NOT expressing as the opposite gender is not honouring himself/herself. He/she may be healing distorted parts such as the distorted feminine or masculine to reclaim them in their true nature and this is positive and meaningful. However, the key would be to heal the fear since fear drives unhealthy choices. At the least, acknowledge and dialogue about the fears so that your child feels seen and heard, and so that you can explore what he/she needs to feel safe.
  • It’s valuable to recognize that the need to belong, to feel accepted, to find their expression, and even to rebel against the accepted conventions and authorities, are all related to the ego personality and based in lower frequency energies, so it would be common for your child to defend and create conflict with you. Stay calm and help your child to express what he/she is feeling.
  • Finding belonging within a group comes with lessons of how to remain true to who you are without compromising yourself to previously unacceptable behaviours or peer pressure. If your child is taking on uncharacteristic behaviours draw this to his/her attention to help him/her return to his/her own values and who he/she wants to be as a person.
  • Acknowledge that self-liberation with attitude is ego and a reaction to suppression. Claiming sovereignty and freedom is of utmost importance because humanity has long been suppressed, but your child may need help with keeping safe as there can be a backlash of harsher suppression on those that assert freedom.
  • It feels good to liberate yourself and be able to say “I am who I am” and while some people, like his/her friends, will be accepting, though based in distortions, others will be judgmental, so help your child to know that neither is authentic and make a point of learning what is truly authentic, and the importance of self-acceptance.
  • It’s valuable for your child to also learn the difference between what just feels good and what is authentic: when it’s coming from ego your child is wanting to show something of himself to others (outer connection) and when it’s authentic it brings deeper settledness into the heart (inner connection).

This article is not intended to be comprehensive but offer some insights and suggestions for being able to meet your own children with understanding and support when they need it most!

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To receive guidance and healing that is particular to your child’s needs, in Divine timing with planetary shifts, please book a healing appointment for your child.


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