Creating Boundaries with Your Child Who’s Exploring Transgenderism


Before reading this article, please read Understanding Transgenderism and How to Support Your Child 


A very wise and fair question for any parent moving through the exploration of transgenderism with his/her maturing child is this, “How do I create some boundaries with my child and not just let him/her do what he/she wants?”

Here’s a Krystal Guardian perspective that would likely apply to teenage years.

  • Your child is who h/she is and integrating the transgender experience, or aspects of it, may be determined at a soul level.
  • Your child may have to go the distance, meaning s/he will experiment and s/he will want to feel the polarity of the opposite gender in order to come to terms with androgynous sacred balance.
  • As with any experience when issues surface it’s helpful and healing to clear them and raise consciousness to them for integration.
  • Once your child has had the chance to explore a bit with the expression of the opposite gender, s/he may find the balance between the feminine and masculine. The more s/he stays out the program, the transgender agenda, s/he would find it easier to do so.
  • One of the things that you can do as a parent is to educate yourself, and in turn, your child: keep pointing out the proliferation of the transgender agenda, the basic distortion on male and female genders, the long list of false gender identities, and why this agenda is being pushed in school, etc., so that s/he sees the truth and comes to know what is false and what is true.
  • When it comes to guiding your child through this, and offering support without controlling him/her; it’s helpful to remember that your child is his/her own person and cannot be someone else.
  • If he/she decides he/she is someone else it still cannot be said to him/her that he/she is not this; it’s like trying to tell something to somebody who has made up their mind.
  • However, when resistance or rigidity shows up offer an alternative, a counter argument, so that s/he sees there’s another side; if you can see at least 3 views/options this then broadens the perception and breaks up programmed mind control.
  • Do not expect that your child will immediately stop this journey of exploration, nor that s/he will necessarily go all the way with it.
  • Approaching this as a discovery process is key for you and your child.
  • Stay in the arena of discovery not commitment. A child, nor perhaps even you, has enough life experience to make a commitment on this topic of transgenderism especially since it’s heavily based in distortions and deceptions.
  • Allow your child to experiment but think about consequences; be willing to think ahead to the impact of his/her choices on himself/herself and what other things he/she may want to for himself/herself in life and how they would be impacted by transitioning.
  • Do not perceive that s/he only knows the truth because s/he can’t; s/he doesn’t have enough life experience to be able to make such profound decisions as permanent bodily changes, but that doesn’t mean s/he doesn’t have his/her own mind; respect that and listen to him/her.
  • Watch for when s/he is out of character, as this is a clue that something is having an impact more deeply than before.
  • Learn to discern dark energies and know what feels true and not; educate your child in this regard as well as it’s immensely empowering.
  • Your job with your child, regardless of the fact even if s/he is almost an adult, is to be present to him/her and point the way to safety – always safety and self-love.
  • When safety and self-love is not present, as a parent, you have the right to speak with him/her, love him/her and show him/her this – your learned experience is valuable.

To receive higher guidance and healing that is particular to your child’s needs in Divine timing with planetary shifts, please book a healing appointment for your child.

2022 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban