Critical Back-to-School Questions for Parents Right Now

With the many changes that are taking place around school re-openings because of the plandemic (not a spelling error: see my previous blog posts), it’s understandable that every parent would want to know that their child’s well-being comes first. Of course, it’s always the hope, that you feel your child is in “good hands” and that you trust the teachers and administrators of your child’s school. They are many wonderfully inspiring people dedicated to helping our children to learn and grow.

However, what was true in the past is not necessarily true now. A lot has changed over the last few months during this awakening. The views and choices of others may not be the same as yours. The degree of fear that individuals are carrying about COVID-19 will be reflected in their language, reactions and behaviours, and even well-meaning choices are not necessarily the healthiest ones for the whole well-being of your child. The governmental health policies being enacted are based on a false narrative. Social distancing, mandatory masking, limited interaction, temperature taking, and other related measures are steps in behavioural conditioning and control through fear-mongering. Please know that these are not simple measures to ensure public health. This is not about health. At no other time, with any other virus, was there a global lockdown with these apparent restrictions on freedoms. These measures are not in alignment with humanity’s freedom and values of respect, sovereignty and unconditional love.

When I say this it’s not to create division or more fear. Instead, I say this to bring awareness to you and help you to make conscious choices for your child and their safety. Children of all ages are precious. Those age 10 and younger are highly impressionable. Children are the future of humanity and for this reason, unfortunately, they are also targeted and used in this NAA game of deception.

Therefore, if the information being given to you by your child’s school is not clear I imagine that you would have lots of questions. Please remember that as the lockdowns and measures were put into place they were constantly changing, and they can still rapidly change moving forward – for worse or better. It requires everyone to stay alert.

Higher Guidance

In a recent healing session with a conscious mom, we asked for some higher guidance as to how she could be assured that her child would be treated in the manner she would want for him. So I share the wisdom here with the intention to help all parents.

Some key questions you would want answered are as follows:

  • What is the policy of the school, and school board, regarding health safety measures? This includes social distancing, masking, lockdowns, dropping off and picking up your child and being able to go into the school to get your child, and administration of any medication/vaccines. You may wish to ask this at both the school and school board level since it’s my understanding that they are not necessarily one and the same. Consider what your child is learning from these measures.
  • What is the policy should my child become ill in any way? What steps will be taken and how will my child be treated? Consider whether this is the same as in the past or extraordinarily and unnecessarily different. Will your child be met with compassion or fear-based action? Trust your intuition.
  • Who is guiding the teacher(s) when they are in doubt about how to handle a situation related to the health of my child? What is the policy and mindset of that individual/body?
  • How and how rapidly will I, as the parent, be informed of changing policies?
  • Who is the one to make the final decision for my child?

On the last question, if you have any sense that you, as the parent, are not going to be deemed to be the final authority for your child, and that you cannot at any time freely remove your child from the school, then that would be the time to seriously reconsider the situation: possibly keep your child at home until policies are clarified further, or pull your child out of the school if this comes into question.

For the sake of your child, please learn to use the 12D Shield and put up that shield daily for him/her before they go to school. Declare a daily intention for their protection and safety, and that all their experiences are loving and respectful of their sovereignty.

With your child, keep the lines of communication open so that if anything does not feel right to them they know they can tell you. Especially with younger children, do not be afraid to ask them lots of questions so that you have a good handle on what has transpired in their day. Do not be afraid to request regular meetings with the teacher(s) to be assured of your child’s well-being.

You are the Guardian of your child’s Spirit. The teachers and schools have influence on your child and this is why these questions matter, but you are raising your child not the teacher. You are the final authority on behalf on your child, not the school, nor the doctor. While this point may seem obvious, this truth is the one being manipulated by the controllers: it may be startling to consider but they would rather tear families apart instead of uphold the sacred mother-father-child bonds. Like all the NAA strategies that are being revealed and becoming more obvious, this one is too.

As intended, may this guidance be helpful to you in our ever-changing and challenging reality. Please take only what resonates.

May we all wake up today and be freed from the tyranny. May all children be loved and respected, and safe in truth. With many blessings,

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