Targetting the Human Reproductive System – please watch and share.


Important links for your informed awareness & discernment.

Learn more about the current genetic therapy (vaccines) and how they are adversely affecting both those individuals who have received the injection and those who have not.

Stay out of fear and remember that you have choice as to what you hold in your consciousness.


Please do not get caught in more divide and conquer that is being suggested here about quarantining the vaccinated, or labelling them.  This is a repetition of the Nazi/Black Sun tactics used against the Jews. Choose the timeline that you’re living.



Human Antenna – Broadcasting The Vaccine Frequency – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast– another excellent review of the current stage of totalitarian tiptoe.



Covid-19 Vaccine Concerns – Dr. Carrie Madej and Vaccine Choice Canada talk about vaccines/injections, nanotechnology and human rights.



Special Note: We’re in a spiritual war and the NAA target children even more than adults. Nobody needs this vaccine and especially children. The “studies” being done on children with these vaccines is an experiment too – it’s child abuse and child sacrifice.


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