Core Pattern Release & Sounding to Find Your Voice

amaeil chanting“Finding your voice” is a small phrase with big meaning. When it happens, it feels like emerging from a cocoon; you’re strong but vulnerable, beautiful, and unquestionably free!

In order to find your voice, you must acknowledge that it has been lost. Sometimes people witness or experience something so traumatic that a part of them shuts down. Many children receive shaming messages such as “don’t be so loud”, or “don’t speak unless you’re spoken to”. Gradually, fragments of themselves go astray without notice. Others have had parallel life experiences in which using their voice resulted in death, precipitating an unconscious vow to be silent.

Losing your voice extracts a much greater price than losing vocal expression. Your voice is the resonance of your unique soul; when you use it, those receiving your sound receive insight to you. Your emotional and mental state is evident in your voice. For example, if you are tired, the intonation is feeble or monotone, and when you are compassionate, the tone is soft, melodic and round. But if you listen to your voice more broadly and deeply, another layer becomes apparent; an internal pulsation that is either in harmony or discord with your truth. So when you lose your voice, you lose your wholeness.

Deep within yourself you inherently know that when you find your voice you unlock your power. Your voice is found not only in the sound that comes through your throat and lips, it arises from the fire in your belly, the ground of your being, your clarity of vision, and the alignment of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. You can speak out, stand up for yourself, inspire others, and tell your truth. You no longer care about appearances or fear what others may think. Instead, you open to possibilities within yourself and express them. When you use your voice in expression of your authentic power there is the neutrality of your essence, not the investment in gaining power over another or attaching to an outcome. People recognize truth. There is no arguing with it. It just is.

Core Pattern Release can help you find and remove the deep layers of limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind that continue to keep your power diminished and your voice small, despite your best, conscious efforts to break through your barriers. Beliefs about having to repress emotions, fears of being vulnerable or revealing yourself, inherited behaviours of self-criticism, and repeating patterns of compromising one’s truth through many incarnations are all possible contributors to your contraction, to name a few. For all beings and especially Indigos, now is the time to clear away all constraints on your commitment to your God Essence.

Finding your voice can begin simply with authentic sound. If your voice, your authentic self, has been quieted for years, expressing yourself freely can be challenging. In therapeutic role playing, some people find it nearly impossible to express the hurt that dampens their spirit. Their distrusting inner child is afraid to speak. But sounding can open the door, even if slightly. It’s not about singing well or performing. It is granting permission to yourself to unleash the energy that is knocking around on the inside of you, whether that is frustration, grief, or anxiety. Just place your awareness on your emotion, set an intention, open your mouth and let the sound arise from within. Sound will easily ride on the exhale of your breath, and amplify your conscious prayer. The sound need not be big; you only need to begin it. The more you sound the more you liberate the vibration of your wounds. Eventually you feel the energy moving in you and you begin to resonate in harmony and balance. The sound becomes clearer and inevitably you feel your power. It is natural because in your remarkable quantum make-up you are vibrating light and sound. Nothing could be closer to your truth. This IS you.

What the world needs now is your voice. Let it emerge and transform you. Create sounds of peace

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