Prayer for Our Neighbours Suffering Disastrous Loss

Whether we our considering our neighbours in Ottawa-Canada, Nepal, Japan, the Philippines, Florida-USA, or any part of the world, our prayers make a difference for peace.


‘Prayer #2’

Dear Spirit,
We know you are present with us.
We feel you in our LIGHT.
Keep us awake to our purpose to be healing LIGHT for others.

We have experienced our own losses,
and now we witness the suffering of countless others around the world.
In our hearts, where we come together as one, we deeply feel their losses as though they were our own.
Now we have another chance to be greater compassion, more peace, expanded love.
As we pray for those needing our support, help us to shine brightly.

So brightly that they find their unshakeable Spirit and courage to begin again.
As they open to receive from those aiding directly in rescue efforts, may they share a deep bond of appreciation for the grace in simple human kindness.
For those working tirelessly to help the citizens of their own communities, while reeling from their own losses, send angels of support to them also.
May our LIGHT serve as a radiant beacon, as together, they press forward one sure step at a time.

As loved ones breathe joyful relief in finding each other’s embrace,
may they remind us to see all of our relationships as sacred.
For the children especially, may their memories bring not continued fear, but a deeper knowing that they are lovingly cradled. Let the care they receive now awaken their generosity and goodwill to others in future generations.

Where death had occurred, let our LIGHT soften the pain and carry comfort.

Divine Spirit, we honour these events as opportunities for transformation.
Help us all to see more clearly and love more freely.
May we use this difficult time to illuminate our greatness, our profound power to renew.

We ask you to guide our leaders and awaken their hearts and minds to wisdom, compassion and harmony.
Help us to forego our judgment and know the magnificent power of simply being radiant LIGHT.

We give our great gratitude for the abundance you send us.
Let us not forget our neighbours in the weeks and months and years ahead as they hold onto another chance at life.
Remembering that we are connected to everyone and everything, may we continue to share our food, water, shelter, prayers and hope.
We rely on each other.
Let us honour our turn to give.

Let not any disaster turn us into anger or fear or cause us to turn away from Ourselves.
Let us turn toward the God in each other and allow ourselves to know our LOVING LIGHT.
Let our LIGHT diffuse our darkness.
Let our LIGHT expand.
Let our LIGHT bring miracles,
until LIGHT is all there is.

Thank you. It is so.
Thank you. It is so.
Thank you. It is so.