on any level of being; physical, emotional, mental or Spiritual

Prayer for Those Impacted by Environmental Disasters

Please adapt this prayer for any Earth community.   Beloved God, please open all channels of Light and clear all light fibers to be fully resonant with the Eternal Living Light Code. I call upon the Beloved Mother/Father God and Holy Christos-Sophia in Holy Trinity and Perfect Harmony, my 12th-Dimensional Avatar God-Self, the Krystal Star Intelligence, and from across the Multi-verses, all the Cosmic Intelligences and Living Light Families of […] Read more »

Prayer for Our Neighbours Suffering Disastrous Loss


Whether we our considering our neighbours in Ottawa-Canada, Nepal, Japan, the Philippines, Florida-USA, or any part of the world, our prayers make a difference for peace. Dear Spirit, We know you are present with us. We feel you in our LIGHT. Keep us awake to our purpose to be healing LIGHT for others. We have experienced our own losses, and now we witness the suffering of countless others around the […] Read more »