Core Pattern Release for an Active Ascension

Divine femaleWe are all moving forward in the ascension cycle – an evolutionary shift from 26,000 years of darkness into greater peace. This is happening now, to you, whether you are conscious of this or not. So the choice isn’t whether you want to be a part of this process, rather it is whether you are committed to actively participating in your transformation. You are being called to self-mastery. While personal ascension often occurs through spiritual initiations and integrations, and/or through diligent spiritual practice, core pattern release also advance you in your soul’s development. It’s especially powerful in helping you to release the unconscious beliefs and patterns that hold you in control programs of the 3rd dimension. It can help clear the roadblocks to numerous fundamental and necessary shifts we must make:

  • Mastering self-inquiry; you must learn how to listen to your own inner wisdom to surface the contents of your inner being, and empower yourself with conscious choice.
  • Living in observer consciousness: end the replaying of past memories or regrets, and stop rehearsing fears.
  • Uniting masculine and feminine energies: for many this appears as identification with excessive doing and resistance to being in stillness with One Self.
  • Integrating polarities: moving out of any patterns of opposing forces into unity consciousness to live in the neutral field of Intelligence.
  • Releasing karmic patterns or vows that continue to replay themselves through numerous lifetimes.
  • Redefining your definition of God; with eons of distortion many still hold old beliefs of a rewarding and punishing God.
  • Letting go of religious dogma that keeps you in separation consciousness and powerlessness.
  • Healing past life experiences from Lemuria and Atlantis that stir cataclysmic fears.
  • Relinquishing identification with the 3D egoic mental body; old ways of strategizing and mental pre-planning will become more challenging, as operating from the sensory functions of the emotional body and sacred heart become critical. An ability to feel and manage your emotions is key to healing.
  • Releasing attachments, staying out of control dramas, and ending relationship co-dependencies.
  • Facing you shadow; any aspect of yourself that is out of alignment with your core harmonic expression will become difficult to keep hidden. You can no longer deny aspects of yourself that you have ignored or abused with destructive or unconscious behaviours such as addictions.
  • Recalling soul fragments.
  • Reclaiming authentic power; many people are still carrying programming of victim consciousness, or live in fear of power due to confusion between authentic power and power over others.

Now is the time to become congruent with your Divinity. Those beings, like me, who have agreed to serve by clearing the path for humanity’s shift in consciousness, will tell you that significant changes will continue to arise. The evolutionary occurrences the wayshowers are experiencing now will come your way, in some form, if you are not already feeling them. Will you bring your free will and power to courageously contribute to the higher levels of consciousness? Releasing your illusions and distortions will bring you more deeply into knowing your true nature; it is your birthright. In this way, core pattern release can help you tremendously.

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