Radiation Toxicity – Canada & US

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Posted on Youtube Nov. 30/21

BC Radiation “at Chernobyl levels” results from release in DUMBS. Water Table affected: IAEA, Radiation Protection Bureau of Health Canada silent

Also impacting West Montana, Northern Idaho, extreme NE Washington, Southern California east of San Diego and Yuma, Arizona

Klanmother Nurse Karen MacDonald + Radiation Eyewitness + Judge Alfred Lambremont Webre with host Ted Mahr.

First-hand account from a woman who was burnt from the radiation and experienced numerous symptoms. Her animals were also affected. When Karen tried to help her evacuate out of there the woman wasn’t believed by the officials and assessed for mental disability. They wanted to jab her. Karen speaks to the radiation treatment with potassium iodide and more, sharing that CV virus mimics radiation at the cellular level.

Alfred Lambremont Webre breaks down the VIOLATION OF 1978 “Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques” (ENMOD) – Canada, US, China, & Russia are among the 78 nations who have ratified the convention.

Weather, tectonic, & environmental warfare, and violation of 4th Geneva Convention, and International Criminal Court statutes articles 6&7 that ban genocide and crimes against humanity.

Radiation event was reported to the International Atomic Energy Agency-UN.


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