Mandatory Vaccinations? – Just say NO!


Resources to help you understand your rights to refuse mandatory vaccinations, as well as testing, and disclose your personal health information/vaccine status.


Excellent MUST WATCH Project Camelot interview with DR. CARRIE MADEJ: COVID, NANO & THE VAX – the hard truth

Your Rights of Refusal with Ted Kuntz, VaccineChoiceCanada President, Rocco Galati, Tanya Gaw, Dr. Stephen Malthouse, Paula Tucci, and Vincent Gircys

Vaccine Choice Canada’s position paper on mandatory vaccines and exemptions.

Action4Canada templates that can be used for Notices of Liability to be presented to employers and others who are blackmailing you into vaccination.

Stand4Thee – a helpful video and website outlining the truth about the vaxpassports and employer mandated vaccines. It’s NOT mandatory. Know your rights and case law.

The Issue of Mandatory Vaccines | Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

Catherine Austin Fitts’ approach for dealing with vaccine mandates « Jon Rappoport’s Blog

For parents: provides Notices of Non-Consent to Protect your Children

Template letter written by a member of Police on Guard for Thee (Canada) refusing vaccine, disclosing vaccine and health information, and genetic/PCR testing, citing, in detail, all the unlawful violations committed by any body demanding such.