Institutional Child Trafficking – SHARE WIDELY

An excellent video series of mothers and fathers sharing their heart-breaking stories about how their children have been taken/kidnapped from them, by government and institutions, under false accusations, for the purposes of child trafficking. 12D Shields up, and eyes  and hearts open. These children of all ages are suffering: separated them from their parents, isolated, and trafficked.

It’s important to raise your consciousness to this negative alien agenda to destroy the sacred family unit, and to use and abuse children. Witness this with your heart and pray to God to the end this long-standing tyranny.

Please be very aware that the opportunity for the government, lawyers, social services, police, and others with a predatory dark agenda to move in and take children often occurs at the first sign of conflict between parents. But not always, as you will hear. Opportunists will create justifications for their actions.

Listen very carefully to Part 3 at about 1 hr and 20 mins as Minister Emoven explains aligning consciousness with God’s Natural Laws and getting clear about to what you give your consent – for your discernment.

Part 1: Sacha Stone – Surviving Institutional Child Trafficking with Sharon McLaughlin (Founder, ITNJ)

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Part 3: Institutional Child Trafficking Part 3 – SHARE WIDELY

Part 4: Institutional Child Trafficking Part 4 – SHARE WIDELY