Healing the Waters – Fukushima

The Fukushima nuclear plant disaster in Japan is having devastating effects on humans, animals and all of nature. While remaining informed of the truth of the situation (see alternative media and use your discernment), it is important to stay out of fear and survivalist mentality, and offer our prayers and intentions for clearing the waters.

Emoto Peace Project

Dr. Masaru Emoto has demonstrated repeatedly that our consciousness can affect the molecular structure of water. For example, the words “happiness” or “love” written onto a container of water will produce beautiful crystals when frozen. Negative words will produce unformed, misshapen structures. Applying this knowledge, he has been able to demonstrate that conscious prayer can clear polluted bodies of water.

water crystal before the prayer

water crystal before the prayer


water crystal after the prayer

water crystal after the prayer



crystal affected by radioactive material

In 2011, in response to the Fukushima situation, Dr. Emoto established the Emoto Peace Project. Please follow this link to his blog post Please Help the Children of Fukushima – an Urgent Message from Masaru Emoto (October 22, 2012) (scroll down)

All photos posted with permission: www.emotopeaceproject.blogspot.ca


Tribe of Many Colors for Fukushima


‘Crystal 1’ flickrcc.net

Another heart-intentioned project has been initiated by Shaman Keisha Crowther (known as ‘Little Grandmother’). It holds great promise by using the consciousness of crystals to assist us in this much-needed clearing. She comments that this experiment is already under study and appeals to us to send crystals to Japan for these purposes. Please follow this link if you feel so drawn.


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Learning More about Fukushima

Hhere are two articles and a video for your discernment.

http://www.drapsley.com/Pages/RadiationCrisesAntidote.aspx  Radiation Crisis Antidote, by John W. Apsley, II, MD(E), ND, DC

Dr. Helen Caldicott.  Her website site is http://nuclearfreeplanet.org/

From www.globalresearchtv.com, video interview with Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds.com to discuss the fallout from Fukushima in the global nuclear industry. Arnie brings his 39 years of experience in the nuclear industry to bear to give his assessment of what the nuclear crisis means for an industry that has long controlled the “regulators” who are supposedly watching over it.


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