Meandering on the Most Direct Path


‘365/365 TTFN *Explored*’

Have you ever seen a squirrel march directly over to its next nibble? Have you witnessed birds perch for very long in one place? Do bees make one flower their home or do they buzz from blossom to blossom? Would a dog be content with only one sniff here and one sniff there? My experience tells me that they are all finely attuned to their needs and their environment, and follow their “nose”. What about you? How do you guide yourself?

Wouldn’t life look quite different for us humans if we did the same as the insects and animals? Wouldn’t our day be less tight with pressure, a little more roomy with exploration, and juicy with curiosity? Imagine that; no predictable assurances from schedules, plans and expectations. No alarm clocks to defy natural rhythm and less reliance on everything automatic. Instead, each day would be a meandering journey of discovery.

I love to wander. It wasn’t something I did very much as a child as I recall. Play seemed limited to games of intellect. My mind was cherished as the Divine gift in me, as it is for many children in our culture. But now that I’m older and appreciating all of me, I’m discovering the graces of a good meander.  My eyes love to explore cityscapes, constantly seeking the eclectic, unusual and clever that will spin me on my axis and leave me about face in my perspective. That gives me a feeling of joy and aliveness. In the countryside, I relish the reverberation in my center  when reflecting upon nature’s Mystery. A tiny insect that can cling to a leaf hundreds of times bigger than itself, no matter which way I turn it, can teach me what it is to have great strength in the midst of life’s most overwhelming shakeups. A moment later as it abruptly flies off, it reminds me of the choice of detachment.

Being new to Merrickville and its surrounding communities I have had lots of new people to meet, places to discover, and things to learn. But my greatest lesson has been the value of the meander. On a lazy Sunday afternoon I have found myself chatting with the kindest of neighbours who had just the right leads to help build my practice. A casual drive yielded a precious contact who gave me ten more! At the end of a long day filled with activity, a spontaneous walk led me to the most spectacular sun, slipping down over a still lake, casting fiery magenta-orange hues into the horizon. I swung on the swings and chanted sacred songs in gratitude for finding the perfect spot to close any summer day.

I am reminded again that the gifts of the Universe arise from the open space that I allow myself to enter; no limits of time, purpose, outcome or expectation. Instead, I liberate myself by willingly joining the invitation from the Universe to be and be carried. When I give myself permission to relax into this space, I am guided and brought to exactly where I need to be or what I am blessed to receive. Any stuck energy releases. Life flows.

What creates a loving and playful meander is no different than what is required to nurture intuition. When you casually wander, the mind takes a vacation from desire and demand. It lets go in favour of surprise. A question may present itself but the answer isn’t sought with a hunger for perfect choices, a litany of convoluted “whys”, or the forced searching of analysis. It is satisfied through trust and patient waiting. While meandering, your body can attune to its surroundings and ground into the earth. There is an opportunity to connect with your feelings of truth. And Spirit is granted its opening to deliver its magic and mystery.

Our outer world reflects the landscape of our inner journey, so what presents itself to us in our meander is worthy of deep noticing.  Intuition speaks to us in many ways, through signs, symbols, conversations, and metaphors. What in passing grabs us deep inside is indeed more than mere coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. Everything and everyone is connected, and there is a Universal dance going on! To awaken to ourselves and the masterpiece of this Universe in which we live, we would be wise to heed the beckoning of its poetry. It is our privilege.

Taking the meandering path may not seem like a direct route, but you will always find your way. It’s an enchanted one leading you to exactly where you need to go. Let your intuition guide you. Wander, play, open, listen and trust; squirrels do it, the birds and bees do it, all of God’s creatures do it. You’re one of them. Ease and grace – it’s in you to live!

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