Playing with Fire

child dancing

“Only love, only love, only love,  how many times must I tell you before you jump into the fire!”    Rumi I have loved these words from the brilliant soul of the great Sufi poet. To me, they are a clarion call to abandon, to leap with faith and give all of yourself to Divine love – no matter what! Love is only frightening before you leap. Living this side of the […] Read more »

Between ‘what’ and ‘if’ are Infinite Possibilities

fear of 'what if'

The ego loves the term “what if?”; the worst case scenario drops into view with fearful certainty that only the dark ego can conjure. What if “what if?” was used for your good – to imagine all that’s possible in your life?……… “What if?” can be asked with casual curiosity; a quick, worry-free pivot response to the doomsday thinking. For example; “What if I get rejected?” changes to “What if […] Read more »


budding flower

Ahhhh. Mmmmm. Deeeelicious! The sun beamed into my heart, the soft breeze brushed my face, the birds made music, and my half-smile of gratitude found its permanent home on my lips. In that moment, nothing could have satisfied my soul more than this first evening walk in the welcoming spring air. No shivers, no bracing against the biting wind, no contracting from the cold; for the first time in months I felt as though I had the freedom to breathe. Winter doesn’t sit well in my bones, so spring […] Read more »

Meandering on the Most Direct Path


Have you ever seen a squirrel march directly over to its next nibble? Have you witnessed birds perch for very long in one place? Do bees make one flower their home or do they buzz from blossom to blossom? Would a dog be content with only one sniff here and one sniff there? My experience tells me that they are all finely attuned to their needs and their environment, and follow their “nose”. What about you? How […] Read more »