Let’s Remember and Change the Exploitation of Children

Today there is yet another revelation in the media of how some companies operate from anti-Christ principles, with an agenda to exploit children. With discernment, see Tucker Carlson’s report:

Apparently, Spanish fashion company Balenciaga apologized for its latest ad campaign that featured children holding plush teddy bear bags accessorized with bondage gear after it sparked outrage on social media and drew accusations of sexualizing children.

The luxury fashion brand issued a statement on Tuesday on social media, stating that it pulled the ads from all of its platforms.

“We sincerely apologize for any offense our holiday campaign may have caused. Our plush bear bags should not have been featured with children in this campaign,” the statement said.

As with everything else that is and has been distorted and heaped on humanity to carry as a karmic load from anti-life, anti-human agendas, I do hope the world takes notice that the company only pulled the ad after a push back. It’s encouraging that people noticed and are seeing more of the what’s been hidden in plain sight now for countless years.

Yet, certainly Balenciaga felt it was totally okay until then. There is much more being conveyed in the ad and the way the children are presented than just the bear!! They so much thought it was okay that they spent countless dollars and countless hours creating that ad through weeks of preparation and planning and agreement amongst many players, including the plan to abuse the child/children in the images, and not to mention the “care”-takers that allowed the children to be used this way.

This wasn’t just a “mistake”. This is what we need to see and understand and keep remembering until we are living in a Krystic world!

Here’s another report from pressforthruth.ca that came out subsequent to my post:

BOMBSHELL: BALENCIAGA PEDO’s EXPOSED!!! Everything You NEED To Know In Less Than 9 Minutes!!

Related article that he mentions in the video regarding funding by a major Canadian bank. 

Sadly, this all reminded me of Celine Dion’s dark commercial for her gender neutral clothing line years ago.

You may have already seen this. However, if you are a parent, or anybody that cares about the welfare of our children, I encourage you to read this post by The Vigilant Citizen reviewing the new clothing line and commercial promoted by Celine Dion.

Something is Terribly Wrong With Celine Dion’s “Genderless” Clothing Line

Why does this matter? We know that the media manipulates children and parents all the time, but this is blatant satanic messaging, pushing the transgender agenda and the death culture. It’s important to have our eyes open and be informed. It can also be hurtful and triggering to see this if you hold love in your heart. I know there are many horrific things on this planet and this is not the first. Nonetheless, please use your 12D Shield and listen to your inner wisdom. Choose to view when you feel grounded and ready to handle it.

Please then pray for the children: Prayer for the Children