Do You Remember Where You’re Going?

into the unknown


On the conscious path we are reminded that we are on a journey and there is no destination. Our experiences are continuous and fluid, each a causation to another effect, rippling into infinite expansion, and weaving together with multi-dimensional trajectories. I know this to be true. However, I also have experienced timeline horizons along the long road home – points of arrival in time and space. One could call these destinations of a sort. I don’t pretend to know all the vast complexities of our Universe, but my experiences have shown me enough to shift my perspective on the unknown.

One such flash of clarity I remember from three years ago as though it was just an hour ago. My sister called to tell me that my nephew died. It might seem strange to say that my immediate reaction to hearing this news was not confusion, shock, or even sadness. Instead, it was very neutral. The knowing that arose through me is difficult to express in words, but it would sound something like this: “Yes, here it is. The way it was supposed to happen. It’s arrived now.” I had a direct inner knowing about this event, and it was in no way shaped by ego.

So if it was possible then, it is possible in all other areas of my life, at other junctures. I wonder why that particular moment came through with such clarity while others don’t or come with less certainty.  Perhaps its purpose was to simply give me a direct experience of an aspect of my multi-dimensional nature. Perhaps I was more grounded in my spiritual vulnerability and sensitivity given that my father had passed just a week prior, and I had allowed it more openly.

It’s said that, on the broader scale, we choose what occurs in our lives, before incarnation, long before it manifests into a reality in this timeline. However, this agreement with my Self implies then that, at the utmost, nothing happens without my knowing on some level of my being. So when a profound life change occurs seemingly out-of-the-blue, it’s only because I have not remembered my higher intention and purpose for this lifetime. The unknown is just something my ego tells me I should fear. For some, the fear of the unknown is significant enough to stop them from ever wanting to heal their dramas, distortions and distractions.

Perhaps I only need to open to this remembering by saying a whole-hearted “Yes!!” to what I intended for myself, even if, at this moment, that remains, even in part, unknown. This is what is called faith.


‘and yes I said yes’

I remember that someone once said, “We cannot not get to where we are going.” At the time I heard this years ago, it brought me great relief because it meant that despite getting in my own way, I would still find my path. At least that’s how I chose to interpret it. Since then, I’ve had the truth of this confirmed many times.  Even when I have resisted and even when I’ve been unsure of what exactly was transpiring for me in my consciousness shifts, I’ve later discovered that my ascension on the Tree of Life (12D Tree Grid, our Divine blueprint) had been happening anyway. I thank God! Because, of course, if it was up to me, the ego-me, it wouldn’t happen at all.

This grace means that I can, and we can, all relax. But to be clear, I mean relax from any anxiety that we are missing our purpose, failing, or falling behind. Each of these creates immense self-doubt – a poison to self-love and expansion. This does not mean, however, that we stop participating consciously, and tending to our hearts.

My Higher Self decided the direction of my journey and how I’m going to meet this intention. This means my choices either align me with this fulfillment or they do not. The choices are not so much about the what or how of my next steps, but what’s driving them: either ego or Spirit.


‘downstream flow’

Flow requires my responses to be Spirit led and aligned with Unity Consciousness. This is my steadfast, living prayer, so that my unfolding takes a more direct, more fulfilling and most supported route.

Our choices, of course, can create different paths. My dreams in the last few months seem to show this to me again and again. I dream of groups of people in my life now, but our relationships, the environments in which we connect, and our activities are different from how they are playing out in this timeline. I see these as alternate realities, and neither the one now nor the others are right or wrong.

There are also many influences and distortions, personal, planetary and Universal, that complicate the direction that things take. I recently discovered that somewhere in my long, multi-dimensional history I had developed a mistrust of the feminine. This is quite important to know. I wonder what my life would be like right now if that had not been the case. This calls me to wade into this awareness and see the truth of any remaining influence. Ultimately, releasing any limitation from this distortion, and others, returns me to the purity of my Divine nature.



How beautiful that my God Intelligence is managing my life. My ‘I AM’ knows. I can release my need to hold tight, figure things out in advance, or fear the “unknown”. My conscious work is to witness, clear and re-align, and simply surrender. And, of course, when I drop all self-judgment of where I should and shouldn’t be, absolutely, I’m on my way to where I’m going. What about you? Can you trust that?

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