The Galactic Zodiac

Messier_74 in PiscesThe Galactic Zodiac, which follows 13 stages, as opposed to the 12 to which we are accustomed, gives us insight into the alchemical process underway during each phase of the ascension process.  It informs us of the impact of cosmic transmissions on our Solar System and planetary collective consciousness. Since our bodies serve as the microcosm of the macrocosm, as we embody Christ consciousness, each period has a specific organic expression through our bodies. Having this understanding gives us a context and makes it a bit easier to accept our transmutation experiences.

Aries Apr 19 – May 13 Purification, Calcination Fire
Taurus May 14 – Jun 19 Congelation, Transformation Earth
Gemini Jun 20 – Jul 20 Fixation, Synthesis Air
Cancer Jul 21 – Aug 9 Dissolution, Dismantling Water
Leo Aug 10 – Sep 15 Digestion, Conversion Fire
Virgo Sep 16 – Oct 30 Distillation, Purity Earth
Libra Oct 31 – Nov 22 Sublimation, Transmutation Air
Scorpio Nov 23 – Nov 29 Separation, Stillness Water
Ophiuchus Nov 30 – Dec 17 Unification, Wound Healing Water/Aether
Sagittarius Dec 18 – Jan 18 Incineration, Resurrection Fire
Capricorn Jan 19 – Feb 15 Fermentation, Illumination Earth
Aquarius Feb 16 – Mar 11 Multiplication, Virtues Air
Pisces Mar 12 – Apr 18 Ascension, Perfection, Christos-Sophia Water/Aether



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