The STORY of Zika, Ebola….

no more deception

‘No more deception’

For those who may concerned about the Zika virus and becoming fearful.

Jon Rappoport is an Investigative Reporter who continues to investigate and report on false flags and scare tactics being broadcast by the mainstream media about Zika and previous viruses including Ebola. Jon has dedicated over 30 years to getting to the truth behind the headline.

His website is:

James Gilliland interviewed him about the government role in population control, the accuracy of the PRC test (the World Health Organization’s “go-to” test to determine if a person has Ebola) and the business of creating an epidemic.” In the first 30 minutes he lays out the bigger picture concerning virus scares, simply and directly . This interview was on, October 18, 2014.  It may now be available in the archives with subscription. It may be also be available in the archives on John Rappaport’s site.

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