The Genocide Program

Highly recommended session with the Corona Investigative Committee (see many more at their website).

Ex-military and lawyer, Todd Callender, worked with the US Dept. of Defense, and worked in the vaccine industry: his family owns the intellectual property rights to a needle-free mass vaccination device so he worked 3 years in Cuba in clinical field vaccine trials. He “did business with the very same people that are now executing on this genocide”.  He filed suit against the DoD, Health and Human Services, FDA, in August 2021.

He specializes in rights for the disabled, and has worked in the disability, health and life insurance industry for 20 years. He focuses on the international convergence of biomedical morbidity and mortality risks in the global legal context.

In this video with Todd provides detailed account of:

  • Hospital genocide cases that he tried to stop
  • Gene therapy injection contents and tracking
  • The purpose of injections and boosters to create super soldiers
  • North Korea’s super soldiers
  • Boosters as software upgrades
  • Nanotech, prions, gene deletion as part of jabs
  • Zombie preparedness
  • Remedies: C60, MMS are mentioned

As always, and as expected, the balanced view of Krystal Guardian support and planetary ascension is not mentioned. This video is not likely suitable for those just awakening even though there’s a lot of truth in here and we do need to be aware.

Global Emergency Genocide Extinction of Mankind Underway