Spiritual Fence-Sitting is Not a Balancing Act

sitting on the fence

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Do you feel like your fence-sitting? You don’t align with the polarity of darkness, and you do actively align with Light, but still it may seem as though you are not whole-heartedly choosing your God-self to lead you in your living. So you sit somewhere in between letting ego take charge now and then, and also consciously aligning with Light now and then. For the most part it feels as though you are ascending in your consciousness, but it can also feel like a struggle when the ego’s limiting patterns try to drag you into descending energies. The good news is that these polarizing energies have reached such a peak on our planet, and so within, as to create an unprecedented, foundational, freeing change in time and space*.

Fence sitting between ego and Spirit is neither neutrality nor sacred, inner balance. It’s a safety net. If you tell yourself that by not aligning with darkness you are infinite consciousness, and by aligning with Light you deny your shadow, your mind is playing a game. This is an illusion. In my experience, the exploration of fence-sitting reveals the fears that stop you from choosing to fully know yourself as consciousness.

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If you’re fence-sitting, to become aware of it can be incredibly liberating. Its manifestation can feel like a pressurized system of competing energies that you can’t seem to get out from under. If you try to turn it around with your mind and see all the puzzle pieces you can get confused at all the layers at play. It may challenge you to sort out what’s genuine in your nature and what’s distortion, and what you want to keep or let go. If you try to ignore the jumble of issues it only embeds itself deeper into your living. Only by bringing Light to the energy dynamics can you begin to not only understand yourself, but also propel yourself into a higher state of consciousness. Fortunately, I happen to be one of those individuals that has a natural ability to see a myriad of seemingly unconnected puzzle pieces for other people, and help them heal themselves.

For example, my client Holly was losing sleep for over 4 years and unable to resolve this problem with numerous approaches, until we clarified a few links.  I was guided that she was restless because she was not living on purpose. Even though she felt she was, and was very self-aware, Holly was honest with herself to admit that she was not choosing the fullness of her life and was fence-sitting. Our exploration revealed a common false fear; if she allowed herself to own her multi-dimensional awareness this would overwhelm her, and she would end up alone, separate from her current family. This was significant to her because it was a similar choice she had to make in a previous timeline. Therefore, because of this fear, she continued to participate in her ineffective current family dynamics; she deemed herself not enough and continued to deny her own values, power, and needs. This seemed to keep things balanced without disrupting what she enjoyed. In truth, the healing here wasn’t to just bring Light to her shadow and help her get off the fence, but to help her choose to make a commitment to her infinite wholeness and see that there is no fence; a rather profound step into another trajectory. (see ‘case studies – page 2 for the full write-up and other layers).

The disharmony between the higher frequencies and the lower frequencies you hold within are now becoming more evident, and creating opportunity for change, or pressure, depending on how you see it.


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As a whole, the cumulative frequency shifts on our planet have created such amplification between higher and lower energies that they are now diverging, with each path moving on its own course of probability. Communities and geographic areas of chaos, negativity, and decay will likely continue to spiral downward into more energy compaction, while areas of higher frequency will increase in expansion and feel lighter, be heart-centered and thrive. That said, land masses can always be upgraded through sacred intention.

The same is true within each person, and therefore, you hold the key to what you contribute and with whom you find resonance. Your ability to choose is your power. If you are not taking responsibility for your negative ego, you will likely experience intensified pressure to change these aspects; no more fence-sitting. If you are committed to your ascension and holding higher frequencies, you may experience that the parts of your life that are no longer in resonance may become more obvious and even split away. Simple witnessing of any ego issue may be sufficient to release them. You are also likely to find that the lower frequencies will place less of a drain on higher frequency holders, as is often experienced at group gatherings (still continue to use your 12D Shield).

Regardless of how your ego perceives your journey through this new ascension phase, remember that your truth lies far outside of any fence.

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* From the Guardian Alliance teachings as per Lisa Renee www.energeticsynthesis.com – with gratitude.