Release the 3 R’s

'Away (130/365)'

‘Away (130/365)’

Are you ready to free yourself from unnecessary fears? Here are 3 simple issues that you can easily live without.

We have a tendency to believe that a choice that led to discomfort or pain was a wrong choice. In fact, we can only make the best choice we know how in any moment given our experiences, knowledge and skills. Those choices that we deem to have brought suffering help us to discern our preferences, learn about ourselves and align us with our truth. Despite this intellectual knowing, there are some moments in the past that we look to with regret. We hang onto them, relentlessly replaying them in self-admonishment. Often people subconsciously believe they need to keep the weight of regret to frighten themselves into better future choices. But all this is illusion. Often painful regrets are rooted in limiting fears that one can’t make wise decisions, is not allowed to make mistakes, or that good always turns to bad. Such was the case for one client who regretted a major life decision involving substantial finances. In just a few seconds we were able to alleviate the heaviness of the regret and by the end of one session of core pattern release we released over 100 beliefs at the causal level. His regret shifted from an intensity of 9/10 to zero.

Resentment is the kind of anger that we hang onto with bitterness, pointing to the other in blame. Behind the anger is the hurt we experienced, but we are stubbornly afraid to acknowledge and process the emotions. While this defense of anger seemingly protects us from facing our core feelings of unworthiness and experiencing more hurt, it also creates a barrier to intimacy, joy and self-love. Consider that we can carry resentment not just of individuals but also companies, the government and anything we associate with injustices. But we can lighten up. Using core pattern release, resentment can be cleared in just seconds. One client released years of anger at a family member with ease, liberating her from toxicity, and opening the relationship to forgiveness. (see case study)

Through a myriad of shaming messages children often learn that it is unacceptable to simply be. In one form or another, we have all felt our individuality and freedom of expression abruptly shut down with such phrases as ‘don’t be silly’, ‘don’t be so loud’, ‘don’t wear that’, and ‘don’t be angry’. Any experiences of being excluded or teased only intensified feelings of inadequacy. So it’s no surprise that fear of rejection can sit at the core of many people’s adult behaviours; we hush ourselves from voicing our anger, stumble through speaking our truth, dampen our playfulness, or conform to the crowd. Yet, if we remove this subconscious threat we can flow in presence with ourselves no matter what we are feeling or doing. Self-judgment dissolves and the need for external validation drops away. Core pattern release can simply and directly release any rejection we have experienced with particular individuals in our lives, and release the root cause of this fear to enable life-long self-acceptance.

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2021 (Amâeil) Melinda Urban