Must Watch for Canadian Truth Seekers

♦ New Earth Project episode #53 with Sacha Stone

Canada and the New Frontier with Rocco Galati and Ted Kuntz

A discussion about the current unconstitutional measures in Canada.

Ted Kuntz is President of Vaccine Choice Canada.

Rocco Galati is a the Executive Director of Canadian Constitutional Rights Centre and the constitutional lawyer representing Vaccine Choice Canada and others currently suing the Canadian Government (and others) concerning their overreach with draconian measures enacted due to COVID-19. He has successfully sued the Crown many times.

♦ Please also read the full statement of claim (redacted to protect co-plainstiffs) at currently filed with the Superior Court of Justice against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canadian Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tam, Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Minister of Health Christine Elliot, Ontario Minister of Education Stephen Lecce, the Queen in Right of Canada and Ontario, and others.

♦ In this video, Rocco Galati speaks directly to the issue of medical exemptions for mandatory masking and recourse when it’s not honoured. See “Masking and Your Rights”


Press Release – Legal Challenge to COVID-19 Measures Filed In Ontario Superior Court