Lift Out of Depression

depressed girlDepression is one of the most common complaints for which my clients seek healing support. Gratefully, I am able to tell them that energy psychotherapy quite easily addresses depression regardless of the form in which it presents itself. Often people find themselves in recurring, distinctive periods of depression. They don’t know what prompts its return and have tried various medications and other conventional and alternative therapies without permanently letting go of the problem. Others are surprised to find themselves experiencing depression for the first time, triggered by a situation in their lives. And then there are the many who have lived all their lives with a sense of melancholy. Unaware that this is a form of depression, they simply live with a feeling of unworthiness and dissatisfaction, coupled with fear and joylessness. Lasting change is possible in all these situations.

Core pattern release is highly effective in healing the root of depression. In many cases people think that their depression is related to a current, outer circumstance or an unknown origin. Yet, often the cause is found in the limiting beliefs that they are holding in their energy field, which arose from painful experiences when they were very young. Therefore, while we may find patterns amongst those with depression, the cause is specific for each person. Also, it does not matter whether their experiences were traumatic or seemingly inconsequential; it’s their perceptions of the experiences that determined the impact on their thoughts and emotions. Through the process of ego dismantling subconscious beliefs that were formed long ago are brought to consciousness and traced to their root. By releasing the root, a great many beliefs are released at one time, creating a noticeable shift in energy.

While I have witnessed numerous clients release depression with ease, how quickly depression is alleviated varies with each individual. One of the most important factors is the readiness of the client at a soul level. Some clients experience a dramatic shift, as in the case of *Darcy who was able to free herself of her depression within one session. (see article “Dramatic Shifts with ThetaHealingTM”.) It became clear that through her struggle prior to seeking my support she had processed a conscious choice to choose life. Others have let go of depression within 5-8 sessions and experienced a gradual change. *Betty had been chronically depressed for 16 years and had tried psychotherapy, hypnosis, naturopathy and emotional freedom technique in the past, all of which helped her somewhat. However, with core pattern release she found that with each session she uncovered and let go of another “piece of the puzzle”. For her we addressed, among other aspects, a genetic healing of depression from past generations, as well as beliefs that related to key experiences of abandonment, past life vows, an inherited addiction to doing, and fear of the depression returning. In addition, as commonly found with almost all depression, anxiety was an issue as were old, repressed feelings and the inability to acknowledge and process current feelings. In both of these cases, the clients chose to continue their conscious journey beyond the relief from depression to deepen the meaning in their lives. Dissolving the illusion of separation from Spirit is a vital facet of healing depression.

It’s irrelevant whether you have been clinically diagnosed with depression or how long you’ve been carrying it. If you are living with feelings of anxiety, despair, or lethargy, or even an unnameable dissatisfaction with life, please know that there are many wonderful healing pathways. My services offers a very direct and powerful approach to lift you from the heaviness and density you are currently experiencing to a lighter and more joyful life. You are deserving of this. It is possible to greatly support yourself through your soul expansion, and free yourself from suffering. The choice is yours.

*Names have been changed and details omitted to protect the privacy of my clients.

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