EMF Dangers

The documentary Resonance: Beings of Frequency has been available for a few years, however it’s an excellent review of the basics as to why cell phones and cell towers, wifi, computers, routers and many man-made electro-magnetic frequencies negatively impact our bodies.

There is no question that humans are as effected by magnetic interference as much as bird and insects. We ARE electro-magnetic in our basic nature – we hold masculine and feminine energies. This gender principal exists in all of creation. We are all electro-magnetically sensitive. So while some people are more negatively impacted than others, inorganic frequencies effect everyone and everything.

One principle of discernment is well demonstrated in this video: “follow the money” and that will likely reveal hidden agendas. Why would the government not have a body that functions to protect humanity from these harmful frequencies? We only need to look at the cabal and the Negative Alien Agenda.

Insights into the plan to control humanity was revealed years ago by Dr. Richard Day.


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