A Christ Consciousness Story

'Happy-Feelin' CirclyStars' flickrcc.net

‘Happy-Feelin’ CirclyStars’ flickrcc.net

A great hush descended upon the vastness. A blanket of silence smothered every rustle, crackle and ping. At last the moment had arrived.

It had been a very long period of unhappiness for Aurora. In fact, this felt like the longest night of darkness yet. Even the moon was hiding in shadow. So much unsettledness had kept her battling her bewilderment. For years Aurora had shed a waterfall of tears trying to capture that mysterious something within her. It was an unexplainable, deep longing that encouraged her sense of its profoundness. She wondered about its magnificence again and again. If only she could grasp it as easily as she could feel her own frustration. Instead it was like trying to grab the wind; you know it’s there but if you try to catch it, it just blows on by anyway. She had not been able to find a word for this obscurity, so sometimes she doubted that it even existed. When she distrusted herself, she spun in all directions, seeking here, there and everywhere, attaching herself like a barnacle to any possible promise of clarity. “Please tell me what to do,” she had begged. At these times her impulses and urges misled her into false corners and her diligent pursuit to reveal the source of her deep knowing to herself lay abandoned in carelessness, trampled by desperation. With her commitment deflated she fell disheartened. This is when she had begun to feel bitter. Her anger would burst forth and spew itself all over every living being she touched. Just one look from her and it seemed a dull and hazy mirror would appear before her very eyes. In those moments she would try to see past herself, hoping to plunk her blame on some logical explanation. She would do anything but stay in that moment. Everything had become tarnished. “Nobody will help me,” she often cried and then fear would land with a heavy thud in her very tight tummy.  It just seemed impossible that this had been happening to her! She didn’t want this but she didn’t know what to do. “It’s not my fault. I have no choice in this,” she would tell herself. She kept searching. In an endless loop of self-doubt she travelled the path of denial. And so it was on this night that she tossed and turned, replaying the story of her life like a bad dream.

It wasn’t until just before dawn that Aurora, now finally exhausted, fell still. So absolutely and remarkably quiet did she become; nothing moved, nothing stirred. Deep inside her was even quieter than a mouse, but so much so that she startled herself wide awake! The feeling inside her was so unusual, but at the same time somehow familiar. Before she could breathe another breath a beam of golden light drowned her in a dizzying shimmer, and whooshed right into the centre of her heart. Like an explosion of a thousand suns, only brilliance remained. She could have stayed in this feeling forever, floating in this goodness and grace. Once more tears shed from her eyes, this time washing through her illusions, cleansing her of any misperceptions. So when she lifted her glistening lashes, everything was crystal and clear. And for the first time in what seemed an eternity Aurora remembered – she was Divine! Her free Spirit twirled around and around, faster and faster, building rainbows of whirling glee. Her body moved with confidence and her feet felt light as clouds. She could feel each and every one of her steps lifting and falling in rhythm with the Earth, but she could reach far into the other dimensions too. She felt like a birth-day girl – celebrated, gifted, and loved in every which way. Nobody else was there with her but it seemed everyone in the world was dancing as One. Aurora now knew she would never be the same again and for this she was very glad. Her eyes were as luminous as the stars, her heart welled with gratitude, and her smile was as wide as the crescent moon. “I am free, I am free,” she sang, “I am free”.

This is what Aurora had wanted and this is what she had sought. All along this knowing had been inside her just waiting for her to allow it.

In the instant this realization darted into her mind, another thought came scurrying up right behind it. She just knew it was important and had better pay attention; “With my free will I am very powerful! I must use this gift to which I’ve awakened with great care and sensitivity. I can choose to say, do or be anything that I wish, but I’m not alone in this Universe. I must value my responsibilities as much as I now value my freedom.” Soon a vision materialized before her. Like patterns unfolding in a kaleidoscope, her understanding emerged:

  • Now that the veil has lifted I can choose to look deeply into my own eyes. I have no need to be afraid of what I might see. I can choose to see the God in me. Each day I must acknowledge that I am God – spectacular, miraculous, and wise.
  • Every morning I can honour the Earth and every evening give it thanks. As my body is to my Spirit, Earth is home to all of humanity. We are intimately connected. If I fill my mind with violence, hate, anger or worry, I pollute the planet. If I abuse my body I rob the Earth of its strength. When I lose touch with my Spirit, I become blind to the sacredness of this Earth. But when I speak words of love, my voice returns to me in the sweetness of the bird’s song.
  • I am to remember that I am a Creator – I create my feelings, my choices, my reality – including my fears, my integrity and my love. The days of seeking approval from others, blaming, or expecting my world to manifest from powers external to me only diminish my power and separate me from God. I am sovereign.
  • I can let go of what I believed long ago, if I dislike what it makes me today. I am evolutionary. I can become more of my Essence with each release of my past. I not only do this for me but for the expansion of all – my parents, my soul family, the children, the planet, the animals, and the evolution of the entire Universe.
  • It is wise to use my power to anchor myself in my Divine truth rather than try to change others or allow others to violate me. If I live in gratitude for my free will, I must also honour the free will, path and process of others, without judgment. We are still brothers and sisters no matter what we believe.
  •  It is time to turn on my Light – the Light that is me – and hold it steady. When I give myself full permission to step out from my shadows, others may notice my Divine beauty and recognize the God that is within them.
  • I must choose to walk the path of my ascension with trust in Spirit and with patience, for it is also with trust and patience that the Universe created my free will.

At last Aurora was with purpose and peace. When she looked up into the celestial fields, the love glowing from her heart was as infinite as the sky before her. She knew this moment was much bigger than she could ever truly grasp. But what a beautiful moment it was. This was a new beginning for her – the dawning of her Christ Consciousness. And this was the best gift ever!

This festive season, however you wish to honour this sacred time, give thanks for your Divine freedom to choose.

Use it responsibly; choose love and peace.

Many holiday blessings to all for an inspired and joyous celebration of our unity.


Help yourself to be love and peace. Choose to heal now.