Abuse of Power & 5G – a case study

I woke up in the very early hours one recent Saturday feeling an intense stirring in my solar plexus. It felt like a deep fear. Fairly quickly I discerned that this wasn’t my personal fear but coming from the collective, so I fully expected that when I got up and went to my computer I was going to see that some horrible false flag had occurred somewhere in the world. […] Read more »

5G & EMF Symptoms; Minimize Your Exposure

For other 5G resources go to: Understanding the Dangers of 5G/Clearing Meditation and Resources   For our discernment- U.S. Government Admits ‘5G Radiation Causes COVID-19’ – Stunning Admission: Jan 26/23 “Bombshell new peer-reviewed scientific studies have revealed what many of us knew from the beginning. 5G radiation is not only connected to the Covid-19 pandemic, it actually induces the body to create new viruses and illnesses, including coronaviruses. And before […] Read more »

Understanding the Dangers of 5G/Clearing Meditation & Resources

Please take care of yourself and contribute your heartfelt prayers/intentions to stop the targeting of all of Earth’s humans, all children of our future, animals, plants, and all of natural life with harmful 5G EMF weapons. Declare that you do not consent to this targeting: I AM the Promise of Peace on Earth. I AM aligned with truth and my heart. I AM God, I AM Sovereign, I AM Free […] Read more »