loosely defined here as the 'grid' that creates the limitations of this reality on Earth

The Matrix of Control

The Matrix of Control Beyond its 3D Manifestation PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO with discernment, so that HUMAN BEINGS MAY KNOW THE TRUTH and we can EACH BE EMPOWERED to CHOOSE our FREEDOM at this CRITICAL TIME. This short video gives an overview of the hyperdimensional matrix, occult forces, and what it takes to transcend the matrix on the path towards Awakening. Written and narrated by Bernhard Guenther Video and […] Read more »

David Icke – Remember Who You Are

david icke

Dot Connector David Icke‘s weekly Dot Connector videocast is an excellent way to stay up-to-date with the perception deception of Earthly reality as he connects the dots through global news events. Video Streaming Rental – “Awaken, Live from Wembley Arena 2014”, David Icke Recorded before a sell-out audience of thousands, and watched live by tens of thousands worldwide on the Internet. Nearly ten hours of cutting edge information researched, compiled and […] Read more »