Peace Prayer – Overriding the 911 Armageddon Program

To end conflict, suffering, enslavement and tyranny.


Each time we have a profound electro-magnetic shift on the planet we see increased efforts by the Negative Alien Agenda to perpetuate their armageddon/9-11 program. A peak time for this is on the anniversary of 9-11 in September and leading up to it. Its purpose is to siphon energy by instilling fear and enemy patterning in the collective mind through media, manipulation, war-mongering tactics, and trigger events. There are areas on the planet where we continually see conflict, tyranny, suffering and enslavement, and particularly the Middle East (including Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Israel, Palestine, Iran and Iraq) serves as a central hub from which this armageddon program spreads. (see my blog post Living Beyond and Dark).

If you feel called and as guided by your Highest Self, please take some time to bring your focus to releasing these energies, and extending your own heart-felt prayers and intention for world peace and planetary freedom. I have provided a suggested prayer below, which may be dedicated to any land mass, group of people such as children, plants or animals, or family and friends, directing God Source Light and Guardian support to those areas of focus.

Most importantly, stay out of fear and align with your Highest God-Self for upholding the highest possibility for our ascending Earth timeline. Use your 12D Shield daily and diligently.

Begin by setting your sacred space and using the 12D Shielding Technique.

I call upon the Beloved Mother/Father God and Holy Christos-Sophia in Divine and Perfect Union, my 12-dimensional Avatar Self, the Krystal Star Intelligence, and from across the Multi-verse, all the Cosmic Intelligences and Living Light Families of 100% Light only, serving the Law of One and Unity Consciousness, to join with me now in the highest capacity of exchange of God’s infinite Light, love, wisdom and power in Divine right order and harmony, and in alignment with my highest soul purpose and evolution.

Beloveds, I lovingly command to invoke your blessings of 12-dimensional frequencies and your direct intervention, that we may open to the highest probability for this ascension timeline.

I dedicate this prayer to all sentient beings living in [________], who are caught in the false programs of war, tyranny, suffering and enslavement, and any other energetically weakened areas that may be exploited for the armageddon agenda through deception and harm.

As a representative of all human beings who hold a heart-centered desire for liberation and peace for all, I offer myself in service as a clear vessel of God’s Light and love, as the embodiment of All That Is Divine and in alignment with the natural laws of the Universe.

I lovingly command to cancel all contracts and/or agreements that I have made with any entity, guide or being, that was not of 100% Light and aligned with Oneness, and that is utilizing any armageddon program to harm humanity, in this or any timeline, dimension or reality. I declare these contracts or agreements, and any false matrices, controllers, implants or illusions to be immediately terminated and purged from my energetic-spiritual template in all timelines, dimensions and realities, fully, completely, thoroughly, totally, permanently and irrevocably. I lovingly command my 12D Avatar to return to me as the Rightful Owner, any and all parts of my multi-dimensional bodies and energies that have been misdirected, usurped or manipulated in any way in any timeline, dimension or reality. I call them back now with the intention to remember the truth of who I AM. I AM God, I AM Sovereign, I AM Free!

For the sake of our collective freedom and sovereignty, I lovingly command to collapse, cancel and terminate all timelines and trigger events of hatred, armageddon, genocide, blood sacrifice, terrorism, martyrdom, war, enslavement, cataclysm and pestilence, and free myself and humanity through the ‘resignation of programming’. Cleanse and release all ancestral and miasmatic record, and all cellular memories through the human holographic and planetary interface records and our histories of origin.

Reinstate the Divine blueprint record to all of humanity, on all levels of existence, and align us with the truth of our Christ Consciousness intelligence and our infinite nature. Restore all possibilities for peace and truth.

Beloveds, for those souls who are living in fear, pain, discomfort, uncertainty, and vulnerability, embrace them with the compassion of the Divine Mother. May her grace surround them and protect them from trauma, injury and injustice. In the highest and best possible way, provide them with food, water, shelter, medical attention and the fulfillment of all their basic human needs, always. Whenever possible, restore inner peace in their hearts, and restore their bodies, minds, emotions and souls with that which is life-affirming. When hope is elusive, re-ignite their God-spark as their Highest Self will allow and as God would have it be, that they may always know they are loved, and are love.

For those whose lives are lost through war and conflict, please carry their souls in safe passage through the Divine Mother’s Aqua Portal, and assist them in all levels of transit.

For those who are used to perpetuate the dark agenda, may they awaken to truth and choose to stand in the Light.

May we all awaken to be in awe of the peace everywhere.

I command this with my whole heart, fully, completely, thoroughly, totally and permanently and command to anchor, lock and seal this in peace and with All That Is Unity, Wholeness and Truth.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It is done. It is done. It is done.

♥ ♥ ♥

Adapted from, with gratitude.