Prayer for the Refugees

Begin by setting your sacred space and using the 12D Shielding Technique.

I call upon the Beloved Mother/Father God and Holy Christos in Divine and Perfect Union, my 12D Avatar Self, the Krystal Star Intelligence, and from across the Multi-verses, all the Cosmic Intelligences and Living Light Families of 100% Light only, serving the Law of One and Unity Consciousness, to join with me now in the highest capacity of exchange of God’s infinite Light, love, wisdom and power in Divine right order and harmony, and in alignment with my highest soul purpose and evolution.

We lovingly command your direct intervention to assist with the refugee crisis here on Earth now.

As the Light of God that we are, with open hearts, we pray for all of humanity now. We lovingly command your 12th dimensional blessings for all the refugees fleeing Syria, Iraq and all countries where life is no longer liveable. Beloveds, we command the core soul protection and negative form removal, and the removal of all trauma, for each and every soul, as their Highest Self will allow and as God would have it be.

Beloveds, with compassion, we acknowledge and witness the risk that each of these individuals and their families have taken for a better and safer life, and the courage required to undertake this journey of faith into the unknown. Please support them with the grace of your Light and Love that they may receive the essentials of life- food, water, shelter, safety and respect – at each step of their journey. For those especially vulnerable, the children, elderly, and those in ill health, may they be readily provided with support and the medical assistance they need. May faith and hope continue to guide all of them away from fear and harm and into union with their inner-sustained God Light. May the Divine Mother’s embrace bring them comfort in their darkest moments. May it be their direct experience that they are never forsaken or abandoned.

For those in the leadership roles of making decisions for these people, those responsible for managing and guarding their passage, and those providing humanitarian aid, may the rules of their jobs, roles and responsibilities be balanced with the freedom to act with compassion. May they each know this capacity within themselves and have the courage to act in alignment with their God-Self. May they see the soul of each being in their care, and acknowledge the vulnerability they witness with genuine empathy. May the leaders of the European Union, European countries and all nations, set aside their divisiveness arising from ego, and unite with one heart for the sake of all of humanity. May they synthesize their responsibilities to the people of their nations, with their responsibility to honour and respect all human life. May they remember the learning from the past, and choose a higher possibility and timeline for the resolution to this crisis before us.

Beloveds, with the love of God and in witness to the One, we collapse, terminate, close, and identify-locate-remove-and-repair all trigger events and timelines of causation that continue to feed the patterns and addiction programs of victimization, control, pestilence, armageddon/ the 9-11 agenda, war, cataclysm, enslavement, tyranny, indignity, suffering, injustice, and separation. Beloveds, on behalf of all people caught in these negative and reversal energies, we resign from all programming that is not of 100% Light and in the Highest Expression as One with God. Cleanse and release all ancestral and miasmatic record, and all cellular memories through the human holographic and planetary interface records and our histories of origin. Reinstate the Divine blueprint record to all of humanity, on all levels of existence, and align us with the truth of our cosmic Christ Consciousness intelligence and our infinite nature. Restore all possibilities for Oneness and truth.

Beloveds, we command that the frequencies of unconditional love, abundance, kindness, generosity, humility, purity and forgiveness flood the hearts of all now. As the refugees settle into their new communities, may they join together through mutual understanding, mutual benefit, mutual respect and harmony, free of fear, separation, discrimination, and harm.

May love and peace prevail for the highest possible outcome, for all involved.

I AM God, I AM Sovereign and I AM Free. I command this with my whole heart, fully, completely, thoroughly, totally and permanently. May we collectively bring this into manifestation here on Earth now, for everyone. We command to anchor, lock and seal this in wholeness and union with All That Is.

Thank you. It is done. It is done. It is done.