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Amaeil April 17 2 (Small)Healing sessions are offered for your convenience, either by phone or skype, as always. In- person sessions near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada are currently considered case by case. Day or evening sessions are available.

Current office hours: Mon.-Thurs. 10am – 6pm & Fri. 10am -3pm (EST)

If you wish to inquire how I may be of support or arrange an appointment, please contact me, as below.

Please read this before you contact me as it will answer the most common questions:
“What to Expect, Fees, Agreements and Responsibilities”

phone iconTrust is an important aspect of our counseling relationship. Therefore, I feel it’s in both our highest good to spend a few minutes discerning our resonance with each other before you make any investment of yourself in your healing with me. If you are sincerely interested, and to ensure that I am the appropriate facilitator to support you, please contact me for an initial phone/skype conversation.

With busy schedules, please arrange a specific time for this initial conversation.

send me an e-mail: mailto:

I respond to e-mails/calls regarding appointments typically within 24-48 hours. I do not respond on weekends and holidays to honour my own inner balancing. If you do NOT receive a reply please first check your spam/junk mail/promotions tab, or call me by phone. I may not have received your e-mail at all. Hotmail and gmail accounts seem to be particularly vulnerable to miscommunication but the increasing unpredictability is not limited to these accounts. This is a reflection of the current chaotic energetic landscape and possible energetic interference, not my particular services. Thanks for your understanding. We keep calm and carry on!

Feel free to call 613-253-2888
if e-mail communication becomes cumbersome.

For first-time clients, e-mail connection does not serve as a confirmed appointment booking, and the appointment will only be booked upon having the phone/skype conversation.

It’s best to arrange the time when you have the privacy and space to briefly discuss what you want to change in your life through this healing work.

When you contact me by e-mail, please indicate:

  • that you are contacting me to make an appointment
  • the ideal time to connect with you, and a couple of options as to when you are available Tues.-Thurs.
  • the phone number/skype address at which you can be reached, including the time difference if you are outside of the Ottawa/EST time zone.

This is to provide your contact information only, and I kindly ask that an explanation of your concern be reserved for our skype/phone consult. Thanks. I will respond and do my best to accommodate you.

This discovery conversation is not a healing session. Its purpose is:

I look forward to hearing from you.

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To contact me by e-mail:  mailto:

Please note that I do not counsel by e-mail, however, occasionally people contact me with an inquiry that leads them to receive some insight or support. If you receive free guidance and I have kindly extended my time and energy to you for your support, please consider making a donation. Any dollar amount is valued as an energy exchange. Thank you.

Please also note that healing session appointments for first-time clients cannot be booked through e-mail. If you have an issue of concern or something you would like to change for yourself, please e-mail me with your request to book an appointment, along with your contact details only (as described above). Thank you.

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