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It is truly miraculous that when you allow yourself to listen to your inner wisdom, speak your truth, and open to receive, amazing grace unfolds.


The following case studies describe actual client sessions and the results achieved through the various techniques used in the healing process. *The names have been changed and details intentionally omitted or altered to protect the confidentiality of clients. The results are unchanged.

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Case Study – Grieving Losses, and The Power of Trusting Your Higher Self.

Amber sought my support because she was feeling depressed and also experiencing anxiety for which she didn’t know the cause. As we explored her history it came to light that Amber had suffered many losses in her life. Recently she had suffered several but as she focused her awareness on them she realized that she was also connecting with losses in her life from long ago. This often happens if we have not processed our feelings at the time of a loss; something painful that happens in current day triggers painful feelings from the past. Unresolved grief can be all consuming, occupying the energy field with heavy vibrations and leaving little space for joy and love. For Amber, it resulted in a disconnection from her inner life, which branched into the related heart chakra issues of always taking care of others and abandoning herself.  She very much wanted to bypass this difficulty by finding a solution; she felt if she focused on her work it would address the problem. While clarifying her goals and purpose in work were valid, I encouraged her to persevere with honouring her feelings and processing her losses, despite the challenge of it. In one session when Amber acknowledged her Spirit, she literally felt her heart flutter in an energy opening. Her Spirit called her to trust its guidance. She had begun to reconnect with her Higher Self. Through journaling, theta healing, and allowing herself to feel her emotions Amber was able to learn to listen to her body’s wisdom, place more emphasis on self-nurturing, clarify her boundaries for giving and receiving love, and lift her energy frequency. She was able to let go of aspects of her life that were no longer serving her and bring more peace to herself. It was heart-warming to eventually see Amber arrive at session with a smile on her face and hear her laughing.

Case Study – Redefining Trust During Loss

Carmela faced some profound questions about her life. Her job provided her with a sense of security and the comforts of life that she had worked diligently to bring into her life. But suddenly, Carmela lost her job. And with that job loss, came the loss of her sense of stability about her finances, her retirement, her circle of support and her expectations. She was afraid of returning to struggle. Our healing work together was to help find a deeper stability within herself.

Carmela grew up with very little money in a household that was wrought with the instability of two parents who were unprepared for the responsibilities of raising a family. From a very early age she felt she had only herself to rely upon and she became the parent in the family. As a healing facilitator, I witness this as a fairly common situation, especially for Indigos/Starseeds. She very much had to trust her inner self. This seemed then that she would have anchored a strong trust with her Higher Self in this timeline. However, her attempts to anchor this trust went astray; when she tried to support herself and her parents and bring some semblance of stability into the home, her parents couldn’t see past their own shame and rebuked her. As a result, her trust was never validated, she doubted her own wisdom, and she felt it unfair that she had to struggle so much. She decided that she must not be valuable enough to her parents, to God or to anyone to receive more support and guidance in her life. This subconscious, core perception of herself that she was not valuable kept her looking outside of herself for validation, and blocked her from seeing the gift of her Self that was she knew to call upon during her childhood. I shared with her that, more often than not, I am working with people who have never anchored any sense of their Higher Self.

The key to her healing in this session began with simply acknowledging and feeling the very old sadness and anger she had been resisting, and most importantly, the anger at herself for having compromised her own value. The moment we began to do this, it became clear to me in my inner vision that the foundation of her spiritual house had now taken root, and was returning to her the life force that was her birthright. Carmela released deep pain in her heart, and felt the pressure that she had been imposing on herself lift; she had found a stronger, more stable and constant support in her own God-Self.

Case Study – Resolving Polarities: the ‘good girl’ and ‘bad girl’

Jordan wanted to heal her pattern of not giving herself permission to own her gifts and live her life with confidence. Her “good girl” persona was first brought to consciousness; a common persona that becomes deeply ingrained by children when they receive much approval from parents for doing the right things, sacrificing their needs and pleasing others. Such was the case for Jordan, and through just one healing session she started to become much more aware of how she continually put others first. This included focusing on their feelings and being careful not to hurt them. This was a strategy to avoid feeling her own negative feelings, and it was also providing her with only conditional love.

A second exploration deepened the awareness that beneath this polarity of ‘being good’ was the self-judgment of ‘being bad’. These ‘negative’ aspects of her and her ‘negative’ feelings were the parts of her that she felt took care of her and helped her stand up for herself when the ‘good girl’ didn’t. So it followed that, in her inner child’s reasoning, taking care of herself was bad. She would seldom engage these aspects to put herself first. Now it would be easier to more fully release the need for the ‘good girl’ since these polarities were being held in place together, each depending on the other.

To give herself unconditional love and transform her shadow from unacceptable to acceptable, we clarified that within each ‘negative’ quality there is a clue to the positive. For example, her aggressiveness showed up when her ‘good girl’ was emotionally hurt. Yet, it was beneficial in the sense that it informed her that her boundaries had been violated. However, if she simply kept things as is, she would keep going back and forth between the “good girl’ and the ‘bad girl’. So we pointed out that being aggressive was, in fact, power over others not authentic power. Instead, rather than be aggressive, she could own her hurt and express it with the intention of resolving her painful feelings and loving herself first. In doing so, she was learning to command her space and operate from neutrality not polarity thinking.

Case Study – Insomnia, Resisting Multi-dimensionality, Fear of Aliens

Holly had been experiencing insomnia for 4.5 years and couldn’t resolve it despite trying many methods – until we connected a few puzzle pieces. I was guided that she was restless because she was not living on purpose. While she felt that she was, she was still open to the exploration. Our session together revealed that she wasn’t choosing her ‘full life’ as she termed it. She was ‘fence-sitting’ because she was afraid that if she did embrace her whole Self, she would become separated from what she didn’t have in childhood but had now – family. She would end up alone, which is a common core fear the ego holds. This was a similar choice she had to make in a previous timeline. Now, in her mind, to have to choose life and lose family again was to repeat a painful pattern.

Therefore, because of this fear, she continued to participate in her ineffective current family dynamics; she deemed herself not enough and continued to deny her own values, power, and needs. This seemed to keep things balanced without disrupting what she enjoyed. In truth, the healing here wasn’t to just bring Light to her shadow and help her get off the fence, but to help her choose to make a commitment to her infinite wholeness and see that there is no fence; a rather profound shift in self-perception.

Accepting her multi-dimensionality held another aspect. As she moved forward in her career, she shut down her psychic knowing and was now again facing her fears about that. As a child, she saw aliens/extra-dimensional beings and was reluctant to do so again. Now, she felt that she didn’t have time for this and her family. We helped her to see that dark beings from other dimensions were only one part of her multi-dimensional experience, but this was keeping her from owning the fullness of her multi-dimensional self. Once this came to consciousness she felt herself shift from resistance in her body to acceptance.

She also realized that she was operating from linear time, and her hypothyroidism, making her feel fatigued, was actually trying to slow her down. But this insight as to how she was avoiding her multi-dimensional awareness helped shift her perceived limitation, and she immediately felt the muscles around her thyroid starting to relax.

After one night of integration, Holly slept well and has continued to sleep peacefully.

Case Study – The Paradox of Resisting and Protecting the Spiritual Self

Roxanne was aware that she was in strong resistance to sustaining herself in her inner core Spirit. There was a conflict within her: she wanted to live more aligned in her truth but she would find herself alternating between attending to her Spirit and distracting herself with hollow pursuits. This continued for quite a long time and she was unable to get to the root of this stubborn pattern by herself.

Most people protect a wounded aspect of themselves and we discerned that Roxanne was protecting her God-self, which was set aside when it was dishonoured as a child. There was no nurturing of this spacious self who wanted to live at her own pace, connect with nature, and flow. Her parents were always anxious and always seemed to hurry her along. Her pace seemed unacceptable. This was emotionally painful, so she adapted by numbing out as a relaxing escape from all the anxiety. And this is what Roxanne continued to do throughout her adulthood as well. She would feel anxious about sinking into her stillness with God and find herself putting off meditation or yoga, though eventually she found her way to it. However, here was the inner conflict: because there was still an unsettledness in her, she would always be seeking time to relax. She actively gave attention to this desire, but unfortunately, her ego still equated relaxing with numbing out as opposed to nurturing her soul. This adaptation was originally created to avoid the pain of having to suppress her God-self and she feared that if she didn’t continue to protect it in this way she would open to it and then have to hide it again.

When we helped Roxanne to see the illusion her energy shifted. We first acknowledged the wounded child that felt the pain of having to numb her God-self. She also now realized that her God-self was her natural and ever-present state. She could reclaim it and give it full permission to lead her in her life – accept herself fully. It was now safe to do so. Her new commitment was to affirm her knowledge that her relaxation and peace was with her God-self, not only in stillness but also when engaged in the activities of her living: her pace of life could be her own and she could flow with Spirit.


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